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[22/10/2020] Advice to All Parents – Potential Single case Year 8 identified

Published October 2020 Download

We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the academy in Year 10 and potential for a positive Covid of their sibling in Year 8, therefore we are making the decision to ask this class to self-isolate whilst awaiting for the test result for this child. If this test is negative we will contact you at the first opportunity to invite your child back into the academy.

[19/10/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

Published October 2020

I hope you all continue to be well and are encouraging your child to follow any additional lockdown rules applied to your particular postcode at the current time.

KS3 Art Kit

Published October 2020 Download

It gave me great pleasure to welcome your child to the KS3 Art & Design course in September. I fully intend to make this year as enjoyable as possible during these uncertain times.

Silent Reading Information for Parents

Published October 2020 Download

Many of you have been asking how best to support your child's reading at school. Students have the opportunity to enjoy reading for 30 minutes during every school day. If this time is spent wisely, it will have a dramatic effect on their reading ability, which in turn will have a dramatic effect on their ability to learn, progress and succeed in all subjects.

[12/10/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

Published October 2020

I hope you all continue to be well and are encouraging your child to follow any additional lockdown rules applied to your particular postcode at the current time.

Flu Vaccine Information for Year 7 Parents

Published October 2020 Download

From Public Health England: This year it is very important to us that we vaccinate as many of the eligible population as possible in order to protect communities from a flu outbreak during the COVID pandemic. Please find attached a letter regarding some myths surrounding the flu vaccine.

[05/10/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

Published October 2020

I hope you all continue to be well and are encouraging your child to follow any additional lockdown rules applied to your particular postcode at the current time. I appreciate that localised lockdowns may be causing additional stresses but it is essential that we all comply and follow guidance to be able to return to some normality in the future.

[28/09/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

Published September 2020

Thank you for your ongoing support as we enter the second half of this half term. The students have settled in well to their studies and are appreciating the routine and structure that returning to education has provided.

[21/09/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

Published September 2020 Download

Thank you for your continued support. Students are becoming increasingly independent in monitoring their own transfer windows and complying by washing hands and using hand sanitiser, wearing masks and respecting distance where required.

Year 7 Information from the Academy Nurse

Published September 2020 Download

Moving from Primary to Secondary school is a key transition point for your child and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the School Nursing Team and the help and support we can provide.

[14/09/2020] Weekly Update to Parents and Carers

Published September 2020

Thank you for your continued support in getting all pupils back into school safely over the past fortnight. All of us are committed to providing the best education possible for your child, while securing the health and safety of our whole school community.

[07/09/2020] Parental Update

Published September 2020 Download

We have had a thoroughly successful return to the academy this week with 97.6% attendance, which just demonstrates how eager students and their families were for them to return to education this week.

[Updated: 27/08/2020] Parental Information Update for September 2020 Return

Published August 2020

I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer and that your children are looking forward to returning to the academy next week. I thought it would be useful to re-share much of the information shared on 17th July to ensure everyone was aware of the phased return dates for each year group and expectations.

Physical Education COVID-19 Update

Published August 2020 Download

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your son/daughter back into the Academy following what has been a very strange time; I hope they are well and eager to start the new academic year, following the summer break.

School Presentation Folder

Published July 2020 Download

I am pleased to confirm that Nunthorpe Academy has contracted FSE to develop and design a school presentation folder.

Nunthorpe Academy Healthcare Plans

Published July 2020

As you know for our students with medical/health care needs we ask every year for an updated Health Care Plan, or if a student has developed a new condition, that you complete a plan for us at the Academy.

#SofaToSuccess – whole academy PE challenge

Published March 2020

In light of the current circumstances that we find ourselves in, we wanted to write a brief letter to you all to bring home the importance of physical activity, exercise and mental health awareness during our time of school closures and social distancing.

HPV Vaccination

Published March 2020 Download

Your child is being offered the Human Papillomavirus vaccination in school. This offers protection against HPV infection to help reduce the risk of cancer. The vaccine is now offered to both boys and girls. It is a 2 dose vaccine, given in the autumn and summer term of 2020/2021 (when your child will be in Year 8).

End of Term Update – December 2019

Published December 2019 Download

I would firstly like to take the opportunity to express thanks for the hard work and effort that has been demonstrated by students and the support of parents over this term and ask that this focus on high standards and positive learning is demonstrated until the end of term.

Introduction of Acting Head of School

Published November 2019 Download

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you formally as the Acting Head of School and share with you some changes that have been introduced recently in relation to the Academy’s Behaviour Policy to ensure that all students get the ‘best deal’ out of their learning at Nunthorpe Academy.

Attendance Reward Trip

Published October 2019 Download

Due to the success of the attendance trip last academic year, I would like to inform you that the academy will be organising a similar rewards trip in July 2020. In July 2019 302 KS3 students qualified to attend a reward trip to Alton Towers during the school day due to their attendance finishing on 98% or above on Friday 14 June 2019.

HPV Vaccinations Information + Electronic Consent

Published June 2019 Download

Please visit the link in the letter below to consent for your child to receive their HPV vaccine. This consent must be completed by 19th July 2019 to ensure we can vaccinate your child in the autumn term.

New Procedures during Examination Season

Published March 2019 Download

After the academy's review of the 2018 Examinations and discussions with outside agencies (Ofqal, JCQ etc.), we have added the following to our examination procedures.

Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles

Published January 2019 Download

We would like to ask for your co-operation with a very important matter within our academy. We have a couple of students who are receiving medical treatment for cancer, which puts them at extreme risk if they are exposed to measles, chicken pox or shingles.

New Academic Year Pastoral Changes

Published July 2018 Download

As part of our system changes which coincide with the start of the new academic year, I feel it is important to inform you of the pastoral re-structure we have implemented.

Changes to lunch time arrangements

Published June 2018 Download

As many of you are aware, due to the nature of our academy building, one of our greatest daily challenges is to ensure all of our children enjoy a satisfactory lunch time experience. As the number of students on our roll has grown over time, lunch times have become increasingly problematic.

Free School Meals – do you qualify?

Published April 2017

We know that there are lots of things for your family to consider when the academy week begins; but have you and your child decided what they will be having for lunch every day?

Accelerated Reader Parents’ Guide

Published May 2016 Download

Your child will be participating in the Accelerated Reader™ (AR™) program. This guide is designed to answer your questions about AR. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Mrs Wilkinson (Librarian).