Hello and welcome to the Endeavour House section of the Nunthorpe Academy website. Our House Motto is “Strive-Venture-Aspire” and everyone in the Endeavour House team tries to live up to that bold aim by trying to achieve at every level of the academy community.

Our vision is “SUPPORT each other always-RESPECT each other always-BETTER choices”. Our House colour is green, and you can always spot an Endeavour student by the bright green ties they wear.

Mr Deen is the Senior Pastoral Manager of Endeavour House and he is supported by Assistant Pastoral Manager Miss Yau, a strong, committed tutor team and a great team of support staff.


Mr Darren 310561 ext.1043
Mrs Kathryn 310561 ext.1055
Mrs Nicola 310561 ext.1079
Miss Natasha Craggs 310561 ext.1080
Miss Vicky 310561 ext.1034
Mr Matthew 310561 ext.1043
Mr Karl 310561 ext.1062
Mrs Anna 310561 ext.1055
Mrs Hannah 310561 ext.1079
Ms Vicki 310561 ext.1027
Miss Helen 310561 ext.1027
Ms Faye 310561 ext.1080
Mr Hashim 310561 ext.1027
Mr David 310561 ext.1061


Mrs Michelle 310561 ext.1069
Mrs Nicola 310561 ext.1079
Mrs Michele 310561 ext.1069
Mrs Claire 310561 ext.1055
Mr Matthew 310561 ext.1043
Mr David 310561 ext.1069
Mrs Margaret 310561 ext.1069

How can you help?

If you have any thoughts about how we might be able to improve our house or any charity fundraising ideas please feel free to contact any of the House members. I also encourage ideas from students about how we can ‘reward’ great behaviour and effort. Last year we held ‘Pizza Lunches’, and took students for a day to Flamingo Land. We are always open to ideas.

House Bulletins

You can view the latest house bulletin containing all the latest information and news about Endeavour house here: Endeavour House Bulletins.