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Government and Politics

Government and Politics is offered to students at Key Stage 5. The focus of this A level is the Political System in the UK and Global Politics. It focuses on how the Political systems of the UK have evolved over time, and how unique our system is compared to the rest of the World. It also crucially provides students with greater knowledge of current affairs and understanding of the world around them.

Government and Politics Department

The Examining Body:

Government and Politics follows the EdExcel specification for AS 8GPO1 and 9GP01 for A2. The following website details will take you to the resources pages for this qualification:
Government and Politics : Edexcel

The weighting of the topics in the exam are as follows:

Part 1: UK Politics
Democracy and Participation; Political Parties; Electoral systems; Voting Behaviour and the Media.
Part 1: UK Government
The Constitution; Parliament; Prime Minister and Executive; Relations between Institutions.
US politics
The US Constitution and federalism; US Congress; US presidency; US Supreme Court and civil rights; Democracy and participation; Comparative theories.
Part 2: Core Political Ideas
Conservatism; Liberalism; Socialism.
Part 2: Non-core Political Ideas


Students have 9 lessons a fortnight plus one supervised study period for their AS & A2 Politics.

Key Coursework Deadlines

There is no coursework in Government and Politics.

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