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There is such a wide array of Rewards because we feel it is extremely important that these students understand how much we value them within our academy community and we want all of our students to strive to be eligible for these.

As well as achievements points, post cards, phone calls and emails we use Rewards Assemblies to celebrate success and hard work every half term at Nunthorpe Academy. We recognise greater achievements through Star Student Awards (every half term) and Governors Celebration Events (every term).  We want to show our appreciation to the many students who attend every day, are never late, work hard and have no Behaviour Points!

Students will be able to ‘cash in’ Achievement points in the Reward Store on ClassCharts. Students will have the flexibility to use their achievement points for smaller rewards, more frequently or save them up for a greater rewards towards the end of the academic year. Achievement points will reset to zero at the start of every academic year (Sept).

We consult with student voice annually to ensure our rewards meet the needs of our students.

Attendance Reward Trip – Summer 2022

Further information will be provided in due course.

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