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KS3 Curriculum

Students have a 25 hour week and study a mixture of Maths, English, Science, MFL (French, German, and/or Spanish), Geography, History, Philosophy & Ethics, Computing, Art & Design, Design Technology, Food, Drama, Music and PE.

The timetable is constructed over two weeks and therefore all figures quoted are calculated based on a fortnight i.e. out of 50 hours

 MathsEnglishScienceCore PEFrench or German (Spanish in Yr. 9GeographyHistoryArtComputingDramaDesign TechnologyFood TechnologyLifeMusicPhilosophy  & Ethics
Year 7886442222222222
Year 8886442222222222
Year 9886442222222222

There is an alternative pathway for students following the Nurture provision. This is a pathway that consists of one class in each year group 7-9 with a maximum size of 12 students. Students follow the Project Based Learning curriculum alongside dedicated Maths, English and Science sessions. This curriculum has a greater focus on exploration of real-world challenges to develop deeper knowledge and understanding of theory whilst being able to then transfer these skills to real life. Driving questions are used to guide all aspects of project work - be it learning about grammar or geography. Though our students will explore key content and skills for the different subjects, their quest to find an answer will allow them to weave these aspects together. This creates curiosity and give a deeper reason, relevance and purpose to learning. Project based learning is used to great success in balance with more traditional teaching of individual subjects. It develops emotional/social security through developing relationships with a smaller specialist number of teachers.

Grouping of students

Students are set in Maths from the start of Year 7, in Science in Year 9 and streaming in MFL from Year 8 and 9. In all other subjects they remain in mixed ability groupings. Decisions on set changes will be made between the class teacher, and curriculum leader.

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