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Curriculum Overview

At Nunthorpe Academy we aim to offer a purposeful, academically rich and coherent curriculum which leads to a depth of knowledge in a broad range of subjects. Our core values of Ready, Respectful, and Safe are integral to our day to day workings, ensuring that students have a clear sense of purpose, and are aware of the moral codes of life in Britain and the wider world.

The broad and balanced curriculum offer ensures that the needs of all students are met, both inside and outside of the classroom and that they are given a variety of opportunities to expand on their cultural capital.

We have the highest of standards for students academically and this, coupled with the emphasis placed on developing young people who are confident/ resilient, work ready and culturally aware, ensures that students leave us with the maximum number of opportunities open to them.

We have developed a curriculum to offer students personalised pathways that will both prepare them for life in the 21st Century and provide stimulating and interesting learning opportunities. We believe this curriculum will promote outstanding outcomes for all students. 

Our curriculum meets all requirements prescribed in the National Curriculum for each Key Stage and is broad, balanced, and designed to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, cognitive and physical development of our students.  It is encapsulated in our vision:

The Academy firmly believes in equality of access to academic and vocational experiences and is committed to tailoring the curriculum, through a differentiated approach, to the needs of each individual student including those with Special Education Needs/Disabilities as well as the most able.

Regular safeguarding updates are shared with students through pastoral systems and through a comprehensive pastoral curriculum. The work of the Life department is fully compliant with the following statutory and non-statutory frameworks: Citizenship, Sex and Relationship Education (RSE) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

These frameworks include the following (but not limited to): Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural (SMSC), Fundamental British Values (FBV), Diversity and Mental Health.

The curriculum is enhanced through a wide ranging extra-curricular offer, enabling all students to access some form of extra-curricular activity.

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is a statutory and an important thread which runs throughout the curriculum. The Academy follows the latest guidance on CEIAG and has embedded the Gatsby Benchmarks and Baker clause to ensure that best practice is in place.

The Academy aims to be flexible in order to respond to the national and local education agenda but more importantly to respond to needs of the individual and groups of students. As a result, the curriculum offer is reviewed annually.

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