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Parent Voice Group

Nunthorpe Academy has an established Parent Voice Group (PVG) formerly known as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The membership of the PVG is drawn from those who are presently parents / carers / family relations of current students at the academy or have been in the past, or are staff of the academy.

PTA-UK membership number 32818
Charity Registration Number 1135797

PVG is a great opportunity to become directly involved with the academy, through volunteering time and talents. Nunthorpe Academy and the PVG would like you to join, providing support to the development of the academy and bringing a new voice to the academy.

Support for PVG can be extremely flexible – from attending PVG run events through to a more active role on the Committee – all help is welcome! PVG have regular meetings which are informal and short in duration. Many ideas are shared such as how fundraising can fit in with the curriculum and how funds could be raised and spent. We also hold an Annual General Meeting at the start of every new academic year.

Our aims are:



We would love to hear your suggestions for future fund raising initiatives or events and would also welcome feedback on past events that you may have attended. Please contact one of the Committee members listed above.

Agenda + Minutes of previous meetings

To view an archive of the minutes from previous meetings and Agendas for upcoming meetings please use this link.

Have you discovered The Giving Machine yet?

Please sign up. Without a doubt the easiest way to raise funds and you don’t have to spend a penny! All you have to do is register with the Giving Machine, go shopping via the Giving Machine (this bit is very important!) click on the store that you want to visit and voila – free money for our academy! The Giving Machine can be accessed by clicking the following link: School Fundraising Ideas and Charity Fundraising – The Giving Machine.

Future PVG meeting dates (to be held virtually due to current Covid-19 Restrictions):

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