Terrifying Author Visit!

So there they all were, the whole of Year 8 sitting quietly waiting to be lectured by someone about reading. In front of them stood a man who was about to destroy their hopes and dreams.

Imagine a world without chocolate! This is the thought Chris Callaghan put in their minds. He told them about ‘The Great Chocoplot’ – ‘The Chocopocolypse’! Students practised their panic faces as he forced them to make huge life changing decisions like “which would be worse – no chocolate or no wifi?” Even the teachers joined in with the choice of “no chocolate or no school holidays”!

Chris also told the students about other careers he had, proving that you don’t have to start out to be a writer to become a writer. Everyone in the room can write if they choose to.

At the end of the presentation, the students burst into spontaneous applause and left feeling inspired to read more and have a go at writing and also determined to buy some chocolate bars on the way home… just in case…