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Mr Luke Yale

Head of Department - Drama

Tel: 01642310561 EXT: 1051


The Drama department has two teachers. The department is led by Head of Drama, Mr Yale (Teacher of Key Stage three, four and five) alongside a specialist drama teacher Miss Reeve (Teacher of Key Stage three and four). Drama is an extremely popular subject with strong numbers at GCSE and A-level. It allows pupils to respond creatively to a number of stimuli, working with different people in different groups. Drama tests a student’s ability to perform, devise, rehearse and think outside the box when working practically in our specialist studio spaces. Our extracurricular provision is also popular within the student community as we produce an annual academy musical for all students to be a part of from years seven to thirteen. In recent years, we have put on performances of ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Grease’ and, ‘Back to the Eighties’.

Drama Department

Year 6 Transition

In transition, students begin their studies in Drama through a number of drama games involving teamwork and responding creatively to a number of stimuli. Students forge relationships quickly, learning about basic performance skills and explorative strategies that they can then use when creating performance.

Key stage 3

The Learning Journey

Year 7
Beginning their time in Drama, students will learn how to use basic performance skills to create a character role. This is built upon with the implementation of explorative strategies such as still image, thought-track and mime. Across the year, students will devise performance in a number of group sizes for an audience, looking at topics and themes such as, ‘Aberfan’, ‘Evacuation’ and ‘Fairy Tales’.

Year 8
In year eight, students build on their existing knowledge of explorative strategies looking at things such as physical theatre and anthropomorphism. Developing their creativity and knowledge on research, students begin to create performance based on more in-depth areas of study such as Capital Punishment, the year 1968 and the play ‘Teechers’ by John Godber.

Year 9
By the time a student reaches year nine, they explore a number of areas of dramatic study which further refines their skills in the subject. Looking at scripted work through the play ‘Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russell, students will explore monologue character performance, having a chance to develop their vocal and physical skills in a number of ways. Additionally, students will also explore physical theatre, getting the opportunity to use stage combat and choreography to devise original drama for performance, prior to additional study of the course at GCSE.

How are you going to be assessed?

You will be awarded a 9-1 grade throughout KS3 & KS4 to keep in line with the new GCSE grading criteria. Your grade is based on your performance and devising skills throughout. Students will be assessed throughout the lessons with a formal assessment at the end of each topic.

Grade Descriptors

Curriculum Progression Map

Key stage 4

Key stage 4 is an optional subject. Students continue to build on skills and techniques already taught at KS3. They study a variety of plays and texts that are used to create a performance, students work in groups to devise their own material. Students create a portfolio of work considering how they devise work, make decisions and evaluate their own ideas.

Students are marked on the following:

  • Component 1: A Devised piece of Drama;
  • Component 2: Performance from a text;
  • Component 3: Written examination.

Grade Descriptors

Curriculum Progression Map

Key stage 5

Programme of Study

We currently offer A-Level Drama (AQA) which gives students the opportunity to study practitioners, play texts and create work for performance. Key stage 5 students closely follow a similar outline to KS4, making transition smooth and students more confident.

Students study different play texts and take on the role of director.

There a number of trips that take place to visit the theatre to watch live performances.


Students are continually assessed throughout the course on their progress. Their live performances are examined by an examiner at the end of year 1 and 2. Students will devise drama based on studied Texts and practitioners. They will sit an examination based on their knowledge of directing relating to the studied text.

Curriculum Progression Map

Mr Luke Yale

Head of Department - Drama

Tel: 01642310561 EXT: 1051





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