Car Parking at Nunthorpe Academy

Dear Parents/Carers and visitors,

Over the course of the last week or so we have had a number of complaints raised by parents regarding the use of our car park and access road. The main concerns are about the safety of children and adults on their way to and from the academy as well as occasional lack of due care and consideration. To illustrate:

  • There are a number of vehicles at drop off and pick up times stopping in the cross-hatched zone which is clearly marked as a no-stopping area, this is causing significant disruption, particularly for the bus service and is becoming potentially dangerous;
  • On Wednesday evening following our Yr. 10 Parents’ Evening, a vehicle was hit by a car exiting a parking bay, the driver failed to stop and drove off, leaving a very shaken parent; fortunately the car was not significantly damaged.

I appreciate that our parking and access road facilities are very problematic but I would be very grateful if all drivers could exercise due care, attention and consideration when using them. Apologies for the negative tone in this message, please take it in the manner in which it is intended, which is simply to try to ensure everyone in our academy community remains safe.

Best wishes,

Mr Danny Yates
Head of School