Nunthorpe Sixth Form is a thriving, vibrant place with plenty of opportunities on offer. It isn’t just about academic studying, we also help all students gain the life skills and experiences needed to survive in the 21st century. Please see information on the range of activities on offer.

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When deciding which sixth form to go to, you must consider many different factors to make your post-16 education an enjoyable experience. These factors vary from the atmosphere created from the environment to the subjects that you would like to study further and at Nunthorpe Sixth Form it is this attention to these things that creates a better experience.

First of all, there is an academic focus that is directed towards allowing you the best opportunities once you leave the sixth form. The range of A-Levels and BTECs on offer means you can have a mixture of subjects tailored to your interests and needs for the future. Although there is a sizeable jump from the work of GCSEs to A-Levels, the academic support over the summer and straight away in September bridges the gap so you can achieve the best results possible. It is due to smaller class sizes and more class time that this is aided fully in your transition.

Another factor that helps to bridge the gap is the greater focus on independent learning. Here at Nunthorpe you will have time inside the normal school hours to study independently and the lessons will be more individually tailored to your specific needs. In the modern building, many choose to stay after their lessons to complete the remainder of their work as it is an environment built for you to learn in. With this, you can achieve as much as you hope to and lots of people have already achieved more.

However, the sixth form is not all about work. With many universities and employers now looking for a lot more than well qualified students, there is an emphasis on having more than your grades at the end of your time at sixth form. There are visits from the fire brigade, careers fairs and organisations like NCS that will broaden your horizons and separate you from your peers in front of an interview panel.

Also, if you are looking to go to university there are lots of lectures that help the process and make it less stressful when applying, offering you access to all of the information you may need. Enrichment time during Wednesday afternoons is dedicated to this purpose too with a range of extra-curricular activities to choose from like World Challenge with the option to make your own if you have something personal in mind.

Hopefully you will be enticed and convinced that Nunthorpe Sixth Form is the best place for you to continue your education and we will see you in September!

Chair of Student Council

Student Perspectives

I was not at Nunthorpe Academy but I have found everyone, students and teachers, very supportive. Independent study is extremely useful when focusing on your own areas of revision. The jump from GCSEs to A-Levels is difficult but you are supported all the way!
I really like the help and guidance you receive regarding your university choices and your future.
The social aspect of sixth form is very good, although it is difficult to balance this with the work of A-Levels.
Sixth form is a lot more challenging than GCSEs but much more rewarding.
Pick subjects you enjoy and are good at because the work takes a lot more effort and you need to enjoy it.
The transition from GCSE to A-level is hard but with the right support and positive mindset, you can reach your goals! Plus, the food is cool!
Sixth form is very different to school, you have more independence and are treated more like an adult, which prepares you well for university and later life.
Sixth form is a lot more pressure than in school but it allows you to have more independence and helps you with time management. The chicken nuggets are to die for!
This past year has been amazing and I’ve made so many new friends!
It’s a lot of work, but if you work hard, it’s very rewarding.
New friendships, new experiences, new life and all because of the sixth form.
The sixth form has provided me with a challenge but also with a lot of experience and fond memories.
You are no longer homogenised as one entity, with the rest of the student population, but treated as individuals.