[19/03/2020] School Closures from Monday 23 March 2020

Following the Government’s announcement yesterday, Nunthorpe Academy will be closed to all students from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice. As identified by government, the only exceptions to this will be:

  • Any children who have an EHCP, providing they are not self-isolating due to Government advice;
  • Any children who are Looked After or are allocated a social worker, providing they are not self-isolating due to Government advice;
  • Any children of key workers who cannot arrange alternative childcare, providing they are not self-isolating (please contact the school as soon as possible if this applies to you

Further updates for key workers:

All children attending the academy during this time will need to arrive at 8.30am for an 8.40am start. Students are expected to wear full academy uniform, come fully prepared with their usual stationery, planner and PE kit. School will finish at 3:00pm. During this period there will be no breakfast club/facilities or after school clubs.

Due to the fluidity of the situation, it is crucial that you help us to safeguard your child by ensuring you witness your child entering the school site and signing in at the front entrance. This will ensure that our safeguarding measures can be effectively applied.

Children eligible for free school meals

We have arranged for free grab bags to be available for all our students who are entitled to a free school meal. These meals will be available for all students, even those that are not attending school due to not meeting the government’s criteria. Eligible students will be able to access grab bags from the front entrance between 12.30pm and 1:00pm Monday to Friday. If you have any questions on free school meals please contact Mr Alistair Armstrong –

All year groups will be set work. Staff have placed work on Class Charts which your child should be able to access. If you have any difficulties with this please contact Mr James Skelton – Students will be expected to complete this work and structure their day as if they were at school to ensure they do not return to school in future months with large gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding. If your child completes all of the work set, there are additional resources that would be appropriate via

Please contact Mr James Skelton – as soon as possible if your child will not be able to access the internet during this period of home learning so we can provide paper copies.

We will issue more detailed information via the academy website on how we will operate whilst the site is shut as we are currently finalising our plans for an emergency closure. Please check the academy website every day at these uncertain times. We will also share this information via the academy’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

GCSE and A-Level Exams

The Government announced yesterday that formal exams will not take place in May and June. We are waiting for further guidance on the implications for Year 11 and Year 13 students as the Government has said their progression will not be impeded. We will keep parents and carers informed once we gain further information.

School timetable example

Some parents have asked for advice on how to set up a home learning timetable for their sons/daughters. Our advice is to use your child’s usual timetable as a guide. This will be in their planners.

Online Safety

As you will know online safety is of paramount importance to the children and young people in our care. Whilst your child may be spending more time online than usual (e.g. by completing work set or socialising), please ensure that all their social media accounts are closely monitored and that they have their security settings set to private. Here is an online link that will help you protect your child whilst they are online.

Top Tips for Parents to keep your child safe online:

  • Talk to your child about what they like to use online;
  • Know who your child’s friends are, both in the real and virtual world;
  • Control what your child shares online;
  • Have the “never meet” rule – never meet anyone in real life who you have met online;
  • Monitor your child’s usage;
  • Set your child’s passwords and regularly check in to make sure they haven’t been changed;
  • Set parental controls / Filter what they can access;
  • Educate yourself – keep up with new technology and internet language;
  • Talk to your child about risk.

Advice from Public Health England

Please continue to follow the guidance from Public Health England in order to keep your families and our community safe. Currently, we do not have any confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in our school community.

As you will imagine, the academy staffing level is significantly reduced at this time. If you have any questions or concerns please will you communicate via email to the relevant member of senior staff.

SEND questions or safeguarding concerns – Mrs Benita Shaw –
Curriculum/accessing work online questions – Mr James Skelton –
Pastoral support questions – Mrs Kate Cruickshank –
Free School Meals questions – Mr Alistair Armstrong –
Other concerns and questions – Mrs Kate Kell –

Thank you, once again, for your continued support at this challenging time.

Mrs Kate Kell
Head of School

Mr Lee Brown
Executive Principal