[27/03/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

Dear parents and carers,

I hope you and your families are all well and that home schooling is not presenting too many problems. Please keep school work realistic and use it to assist you in creating some sense of normality and structure to a week day, without allowing it to impact on the relationships and family dynamics in your home. We will all potentially be spending more time with our families as a whole than we had imagined before the current state of affairs. Updates are limited in coming forward but as soon as I have anything to share I will ensure it appears on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

At the time of writing (Friday 27 March), there has been no further announcement about the calculated grade that students in Year 11 and Year 13 will receive. We are expecting greater clarity about this next week and we will then write to you to let you know how we think we can best prepare our students for the autumn term. Guidance about BTECs is still unclear and we are trying very hard to get answers as to whether students need to complete units of work. We are still continuing to provide for those families on free school meals where required and will update on the national voucher scheme as soon as we have any more information.

I hope that students are managing with the work that they are being set and that ClassCharts has been a useful communication tool for this. I hope as many of you as possible are also undertaking the PE challenges #SofatoSuccess set up to support your physical and mental health at this time. Other resources from external agencies to support these areas will continue to be shared on our website as we receive them. We believe that it is critical at this time to get students (and everybody around them) to think about their well-being.

If you do not already do so, I would encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and send in photos of your home schooling activities. If we are seeing anything worth sharing then we are doing so.

Take care. I’ll be in touch soon

Kate Kell
Head of School