‘A Christmas Carol’ Theatre Trip

A special Christmassy, if spooky, treat was in store for 20 lucky students who went on a trip to Middlesbrough Theatre to enjoy ‘A Christmas Carol’.

The excitement was palpable as the students ate their packed lunches in Inclusion looking forward to the play. Despite the pent up excitement, they walked perfectly in their pairs to the mini-bus and remained perfectly behaved all the way there.

Once the play started the students were engrossed by Scrooge’s life story and development from sweet child to miserly old man to finally a jolly, benevolent character fully embracing the charity of Christmas.

They will deny it of course, but I definitely saw a few students hiding away from the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come! Possibly one of the teachers too? He was pretty terrifying!

After all the applause, we were standing ready to leave when a lady on the row in front of us turned and said “What lovely children – they were so well behaved”. High praise indeed. These children definitely deserved the treat, not only for their fantastic behaviour, but the tickets were all paid for by proceeds from the sale of the books they wrote last year!

If you would like to support further Literacy Projects in Inclusion, we still have some books left for sale. They are £5 each or £50 for all eleven (currently reduced to £25 for all eleven until Christmas) – please contact Mrs Wilkinson ( for more information.

“And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!”