Academy Blog

[22/05/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

I continue to send you my best wishes and hope you are all well, whilst thoroughly enjoying seeing the Facebook and Twitter posts of your achievements at home – please keep sharing!

[18/05/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

I hope you all continue to be safe, stay well and are adjusting to the new social distancing guidelines without placing yourself at any risk. I hope you took the opportunity to view the link shared on Friday to remind us all of how to use our time wisely and could think of positive examples of how you have been using any gained time you may have experienced, it was certainly thought provoking and gave the opportunity to reflect!

Year 7 HPV Reminder

Reminder for parent/carers of current Year 7 pupils who have NOT already consented for your child to receive their HPV vaccinations in Year 8

[11/05/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

After last night’s update from the Prime Minister staff and students will continue to remain at home for the time being. Please see below for today's update from the Department for Education.

[04/05/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

I hope you are all well and have all had the opportunity to have a catch up phone call or email conversation with your form tutor. Teachers are continuing to set their subject specific work and many have started to adapt the way they are requesting, responding and reviewing work to ensure that your son / daughter is managing to receive some feedback and managing to access and make progress with resources.

[20/04/2020] Weekly Update from the Academy

I hope you are all well and have taken the opportunity to take some time out as a family (working from home or work as a key worker permitting) and taken the opportunity to explore and develop some new interests and skills which you may not have explored before.