Nunthorpe Careers Week, 22 – 26 March 2021

A belated and very huge thank you to the following providers who delivered live sessions or provided inspirational videos of real people in their jobs being interviewed and sharing their experiences with our students.

  • Department of Work & Pensions – Thank you to Wendy and Susan for the zoom sessions delivered to our Y8 and Y9 about employability, LLM and ‘Why work’;
  • Future Me team from Teesside University – Thanks Emily, for sharing and helping me to organise ‘What if Higher Education’ for all of our KS4 students and also the Y9 benefitted from a ‘Careers Connections’ presentation;
  • NYBEP – Candace the pre-recorded videos for all year groups were brilliant, thank you.
  • All the students, staff and parents are really grateful for you time and input.