Inspirational Author Visit – Dan Smith

How many people do you know who were raised in the jungle, explored live volcanoes and camped next to alligators?

This was not fiction. This was how Dan Smith grew up! To nobody’s surprise Dan is an award winning author of adventure stories. We invited him to talk to our Year 8s as an exciting start to World Book Week 2019.

The students were incredulous as Dan explained how and why he was raised in such a unique way and how that has inspired his love of writing adventure stories.

He also talked about how he came up with the idea for his latest story “She Wolf” about a Viking girl, seeking to avenge her mother’s death. The students were absolutely silent, listening enthralled as he read a passage from it. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to buy your own copy – we’ve bought one for our library! You can borrow it just as soon as the librarian has erm … marked it up – she hasn’t taken it home for a sneaky read! Honestly!

Later in the day, Dan led an adventure-writing workshop for two lucky groups of 20 students. It was a huge success! Students created fascinating characters with the strangest items hidden in their pockets. They had extraordinary quests and baffling obstacles to overcome.

It is fair to say that, without exception, every student in both workshops thoroughly enjoyed their time and I hope they remain inspired for years to come!

Thank you Dan, we can’t wait for you to write your next story!

Mrs Wilkinson