Just One Steve – Y7 Author Visit – November 2019

We’re very lucky here at Nunthorpe Academy; we have the best and funniest Patron of Reading! Every year the sensational Steve Skidmore visits our school and has the whole of Year 7 in squeals of laughter at his ridiculous onstage antics and side-splitting anecdotes. This year two Year 7s were dressed as Vikings and their hilarious interactions brought tears of laughter to many Year 7s’ eyes – and the supervising teachers too.

However, there is something about Steve that the children don’t know. Please do not tell the children… he’s educating them. The teachers quickly realised that, in amongst all the laughter, there was a very serious message being conveyed about the importance and beauty of reading. This subliminal message must have got through loud and clear as immediately after his presentation, the library was heaving with excited Year 7 students clamouring for a signed book and borrowing a whole multitude of library books.

In the afternoon, Steve ran two creative writing workshops, where he imparted more knowledge and more laughter – mostly centred around poo and mishaps – now who doesn’t find that funny? All the students left with great ideas for their next story writing and big grins across their faces.

We can’t wait to have Steve back again next year.