JustOneSteve Author Visit

I’m sorry to say that two of our year 7 students, Rylee and Luke had a pretty horrific time fighting dragons, ice queens and other difficult opponents recently. It was all the fault of Steve Skidmore, our reading patron. Really, we hold him fully responsible for everything that happened, he encouraged the whole of Year 7 to direct the students on the stage. Sadly, it didn’t end well. They came to a terrible tragic end. Although luckily, with it being fiction, they were resurrected to fight another day.

After the students had witnessed the terrible demise of the Viking students, I think they were hoping for a nice story about fairies or ponies. What they got instead was a football game! A literary, computerised football game which involved some reading and some excellent football moves. Somehow JustOneSteve (as he’s known) thought it would be a fair match to set year 7 Demi against our most competitive PE teacher, Miss Murray. Of course poor Miss Murray didn’t stand a chance. Demi smashed it!

Despite JustOneSteve causing such fun and pandemonium, we allowed him to stay for two Creative Writing Workshops. Really, we must learn. Those poor students were taught how to make ridiculously funny stories about poo! I’d like to say “we are looking forward to seeing the results of this session in their wonderful writing” – but we’re not so sure…