Magnificent Readers treated to Malificent 2

What would you rather do? An afternoon in lessons or a trip to the cinema to see Malificent 2? That’s the choice some lucky students had to make.

All KS3 students were entered into a competition – anyone who read 20 minutes or more per day every day of Autumn term were put into a metaphorical hat and 60 lucky winners were whisked off to Showcase Cinemas where they settled into wide comfy chairs, reclined the seats and put up their feet to enjoy their reward.

The film was excellent – thoroughly recommended by all who saw it (staff and students alike). After the film we did notice a few tears which we think were from the film and not from missing school!

The great news is – we’re running the competition again. So if you missed out this time, fingers crossed for next time. Of course you have to be in it to win it. So make sure you are reading and quizzing, reading and quizzing, reading and quizzing. Oh and as well as winning a trip to the cinema, you’ll also win at life – after all, strong reading skills underpin all learning. It’s a win-win!