Poetry Live!

Poetry Live! was an amazing experience. Each poet gave a series of readings of their poems giving us a little background and context to their poems and we even got exclusive readings of a few unpublished poems from some poets. Simon Armitage received a deafening rock star’s applause as he arrived on stage – how fantastic to see such appreciation for our current Poet Laureate.

The students found Poetry Live! extremely useful, particularly the two examiners’ workshops on how to approach poetry exam questions and what to speak about in their unseen poem. One student claimed that it was “reassuring to hear poets speaking their thoughts on poetry” as it consolidated their understanding of the material. Another claimed it was “worth it just for John Agard”. He was the student’s favourite.

The teachers who travelled with them were equally impressed: “I, personally, found it an interesting and enlightening experience. It was especially nice to hear the poets discuss some of the more difficult texts as this gave our students more confidence.” “We were given an insight into what the exam board wants which has helped me with planning.”

The whole event was a huge success enjoyed by both students and staff, alike. It was perfectly organised and ran smoothly, the staff at the venue were very hospitable and even “hired” a couple of our students to hand out brochures even paying them! The event overall was fantastic, very interesting and intriguing and the students loved it.