Sixth Form Exam Results Day and Sixth Form Enrolment

Y12/13 Exam Results Day – Thursday 13 August 2020

Due to safety requirements 6th form exam results will be emailed to students using the academy email addresses at 9.00am.

For students who have any queries or wish to discuss university options Ms Jackson and Mr Chuhan will be available throughout the day and can ring students, set up Zoom meetings or email guidance. Please email Ms Jackson or Mr Chuhan directly on the day and they will get back to you as quickly as they can.

Sixth Form enrolment for new Y12 students – Thursday 20th August 2020

Once students have received their exam results they will need to complete the 6th form enrolment form on Thursday 20th August 2020. This will be made available via the Academy website in the ‘News’ section. For students who have gained the correct entrance criteria this will secure your place into the Sixth Form.

Some students may need to have a meeting to discuss the options available post 16 due to their results not meeting the entrance criteria. There will be the facility to request a face to face meeting with Ms Jackson or Mr Chuhan on the online application form. Students who request a meeting will be contacted with a specific time slot to come into the Academy on either Thursday 20 August or Friday 21 August 2020.