Steve Skidmore – out of this world!

Due to Covid, for the first time in years our Patron of Reading, Steve Skidmore, was unable to visit our academy and speak to our Year 7s. However, Steve is not one for stopping at barriers, having apparently moved from Earth to Mars to avoid Coronavirus like the plague, he was able to Zoom into every Year 7 classroom.

What a treat for our Year 7s. Students from previous year groups were jealous knowing what fun was in store for them and Steve certainly stood up to his reputation.

Students were “wowed” at the amount of books he has written and found his anecdotes hilarious. He also shared a lot about his journey from student to author.

Sadly our Y7 students spectacularly failed to survive one of his “choose your own destiny” books, but were relieved to remember it was only a story!

Steve also answered lots of intriguing questions posed by our inquisitive students and the feedback has been overwhelming by students and lucky form tutors alike:

  • “Miss, can we have him again?” (Y7 student)
  • “Do you have any of his books in the library? Can I read all of them?” (Y7 student)
  • “Will he be coming back? He could do it every term.” (Y7 student)
  • “He’s funny. I’m going to read one of his books” (Y7 student)
  • “I thought this morning was brilliant, he was such a character, very engaging! Lovely to do something different.” (Tutor)
  • “He was so funny. How are we supposed to beat that next form time?” (Tutor)
  • “It was awesome!” (Tutor)
  • “It was great.” (Tutor)