About the Curriculum

Students follow a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant to their needs and caters for all abilities. Our curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of all our students. The delivery is based on a variety of learning methods where the students participate in a wide range of activities and are encouraged to be more than simply passive observers.

In order to match work to students’ need, and to accelerate the progress of all students, we employ a mixture of mixed ability and setted classes. This means that students are placed in group’s dependant on their ability to access the curriculum.

Students are placed into sets in Mathematics in all year groups. For year 7 students this is done based upon test results conducted in the first half term of the year. All other years are setted using a combination of formal assessments at the end of each half term and ongoing teacher assessment.

In English Yr 7 students are placed into sets against maths, as in maths there is also a ‘nurture’ group. In Yr 8 there is a top and bottom set and a ‘nurture group’ the others are mixed ability, the same pattern is repeated in Yr 9.

The grouping arrangements in science are that all groups in years 7, 8 and 9 are mixed ability. In year 10 students are streamed, and are either taking dual award science or have ‘opted’ to take triple science, as an option and therefore have 3 additional hours per week. In CORE PE and Modern foreign languages students are grouped by ability in Years 8-11 and 8-9 respectively. In all other subjects students are taught in mixed ability groups.

The Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13)

Please refer to the Sixth Form section of the website for details of the courses and qualifications offered at this level.