Students will study one Modern Foreign Language throughout Key Stage 3. Students who have the greatest literacy needs will not study a foreign language, but will receive 2 hours of additional Literacy lessons.

Additionally, all students will follow a programme of PSHE which is delivered in form lessons.

Students take the following subjects. The number of hours per week are shown in brackets.

  • English (3)
  • Mathematics (3)
  • Science (3)
  • Design Technology (2)
  • Modern Foreign Language (2)
  • Humanities (3) (History, Geography and Philosophy & Ethics)
  • Art (1)
  • Drama(1)
  • ICT and computing (1)
  • Life (PSHE)(1)
  • Music (1)
  • Physical Education (2)
  • Opt 4 (1)
  • Tutorial (1)

Opt 4

Whilst this still appears on the curriculum plans above, the opt 4 programme, was removed from September 2014. Initially this is a one year proposal. The discussions around the new curriculum for 2015/16 will determine whether this use of Wednesday lesson 5 continues beyond next academic year.

Year Group Q Set Z Set
Year 8 Humanities swap over February half term. Performing Arts swap over February half term.