It is the aim of the Examinations Staff at Nunthorpe Academy to ensure the examination periods run smoothly, with as little stress as possible for our students. Below you can find the key information about examinations held at Nunthorpe Academy.


Upcoming Examinations Timetable

You can find the most recent Examinations Timetable here: Examination Timetables.

Examination Booklet

If you wish to view the latest version of the Examination Booklet produced please click here: Examinations Booklet | Nunthorpe Academy

Examination Calendar

Year 11 Trial Exams 116 Nov – 27 Nov
Year 13 Trial Exams04 Jan – 15 Jan
Year 11 Trial Exams 222 Feb – 05 Mar
GCSE Exams Start10 May8:00am – 9:00am
Year 7-9 End of Year Final Cumulative Assessments17 May – 28 May
Year 12 End of Year final Cumulative Assessments07 Jun – 11 Jun
Year 10 Trial Exams21 Jun – 02 Jul