Due to the current Risk Assessment in place in response to Department For Education guidance these facilities are not currently available for any external bookings but only for academy students in their year group bubbles

At Nunthorpe we have over 10 full computer rooms with up to 30 computers in each, most of these rooms have interactive whiteboard systems provided as well as audio so the teaching staff can deliver rich multimedia content to students and enhance the learning experience. 12 departments have dedicated laptop trolleys for students to use during lesson times enabling even more creative and exciting possibilities for students at Nunthorpe. All fulltime teaching staff at the Academy are loaned a laptop for them to use during lessons and for electronic registration of students during the academy day. Staff are allowed to take laptops home if they are required to work from home. Every staff and student users have access to email from inside and outside the site, access from outside can be via a web mail interface or using and email client.

The Sixth Form has an ICT music suite that is second to none, it utilizes the power of Apple Macs combined with state of the art outboard processing systems, combined with a computer controlled lighting and sound system in the dance pod makes for an excellent environment for any student to expand and explore ICT and music. In the Sixth form building students and staff have access to 8 laptop trolleys, they can book laptops out for use during free periods or use them for study during lesson times. Students and staff have access to over 150 computers in the sixth form arranged in pods as well as a media studies room with 15 Apple Macs. Every room has an interactive whiteboard and sound system and we have 3 sets of portable hi definition video conferencing equipment. The entire site is covered by wireless networking which allows for greater flexibility and freedom for users.

All Internet activity at the academy is monitored and we maintain the highest possible security for both staff and students using Smoothwall as our filtering and proxy systems.