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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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Admissions (including mid-term admissions)

At Nunthorpe we allow the Local Authority to manage our admissions for us. Parents who are interested in applying to the academy for their child to join other than at the start of Year 7 will need to contact the Admissions Team at Redcar and Cleveland Local Authority on 01642 444101.

Should we have places in the relevant year group, parents will be advised to contact us and make an appointment for interview. Following a successful meeting, paperwork will be supplied at the meeting for parents to complete and return to the academy. In the event of there not being places available, parents will have to undertake an appeal and will be advised by the LA Admissions Team as to how to go about doing this.


Assistant Pastoral Manager


There are two types of assessment: ‘Formative’ and ‘Summative’. Formative assessment means that we assess the progress students make in lessons to enable them to understand what to do next. It does not contribute to a final grade. Summative assessment does provide a “summary” of learning in the form of a final grade or level.


We have a full-time Attendance Officer in the academy. We request that all parents/guardians either phone the Attendance Office before 08:30 a.m. on each day of absence, or preferably email


Students are expected to carry a sensible bag to the academy and leave this in their locker all day. Only at times when students have PE do we allow them to carry bags. Small fashion handbags are not acceptable and should never be brought into the academy. Please see the academy website for full details of our Uniform Policy.

Basic Equipment

All students have a minimum expectation placed upon them to provide basic equipment for themselves. We would expect all students to have the following, AS A MINIMUM, with them all day, every day. Pencil case, Pens and pencils (coloured), Rubber and sharpener, Ruler, and Calculator.

We would hope that many students would choose to bring more than the minimum but with this equipment all students can engage in basic activities in all lessons. Where more complex requirements exist, faculties will provide the necessary equipment or ask you to provide it for your child.

Behaviour (expectations/policies)

At Nunthorpe Academy we have extremely high expectations of behaviour and conduct. We have outlined the “Behaviour Policy” in student friendly speak in the Student Planner. The most important element within this is the Full Value Contract which outlines in simple terms, what is expected of students and staff in every lesson within the academy. Students who are not able to comply with academy expectations will be picked up by BFL on a lesson by lesson basis and by Senior Pastoral Managers later if problems in lessons continue. The ultimate outcome for students who do not take Nunthorpe Academy expectations seriously is a PSP and/or Directors Disciplinary Panel with a view to leaving our academy if behaviour does not improve radically.


This stands for Behaviour for Learning. Senior members of staff are “on call” during the day to support staff in ensuring that learning within the lessons is effective. Where students are not complying with the academy behaviour expectations, BFL can be called to support.

Bicycles (cycling to and from the academy)

Whilst we at Nunthorpe wish to promote the maximum use of ‘green’ transport modes to and from the academy, we can only allow this if all of our students adhere to the Highway Code and cycle responsibly. A secure cycle storage facility is available and students can apply for a permit to use this provided that they follow our Cycling and Motorcycling Policy.


Every Student at Nunthorpe has the right to enjoy his or her academy life free from intimidation. Our Anti-Bullying code can be found in the student planner.


The Normanby & Eston Bus service is a commercial service and is not the responsibility of Nunthorpe Academy. Any queries need to be referred to Compass Royston.


The most up to date version of the Academy Calendar can be found on the academy website homepage.

Care Guidance & Support

A term used to describe the wider elements of academy life. Often this can be referred to as the “Pastoral” side of the academy, however, all 3 elements are important in all lessons within the academy curriculum. Care, Guidance and Support includes intervention, academic monitoring and behaviour support and monitoring.


Throughout their time at Nunthorpe, students will follow the National Framework for Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance which looks at Career pathways for all students enabling them to make well informed realistic choices. In Years 10 and 11, they will also have a one to one interview with a careers advisor.


We have an independent catering service that provides all catering needs for our students. “P&A” – provide a wide variety of products for students at both break and lunchtime. Food is paid for with cash once students have selected what they would like; “meal deals” are available for hot and cold options.


We support 5 academy charities. Each year the 5 Houses raise money for their nominated charity. Currently our charities are:

  • Endeavour – Daisy Chain;
  • Invincible – CLIC Sargent / Teenage Cancer Trust;
  • Triumph – Zoe’s Place;
  • Valiant – The Alzheimer’s Society;
  • Victory – Butterwick Hospice.


Throughout their time at Nunthorpe Academy students will study a National Framework which looks at various topics that encourage students to be good citizens who appreciate the problems their generation face.


Part of our reward system in our academy. Commendations are given for actions or deeds and quality of work. Students can receive Pastoral / Department Commendations which they collect from the Senior Pastoral Manager or Head of Department relevant to the work or incident that they achieved the commendation for. Where students have done something extra special they can receive an SLT Commendation which they collect from a member of the senior team. At the end of each term, Senior Pastoral Manager of each house and Heads of each department nominate students for the termly Directors’ Commendation within their area. This is an after academy celebration where students receive congratulations from Academy Directors.

Communication (with Parents)

We will communicate with you in a number of ways. Classroom teachers and tutors may ring home when a small incident occurs to make parents / carers aware quickly. Praise and concern letters can be sent in the post. Whole academy letters are posted in the Letters for Parents section and a sticker is put into the student planners to alert families to the fact a new letter has been added. Additionally, whole academy information is sent out to parents by emails to those for whom we have email addresses. It is essential that we have all contact details kept up to date throughout your child’s time at the academy which includes email, address and phone numbers. ‘Change of Contact Details’ forms an be found in your child’s planner

Communication (with the Academy)

It is our request that as far as possible communication with the academy is done via email. Phone messages can be left on answer phones for all Senior Pastoral Manager and Heads of Departments as well as SLT (the Senior Leadership Team). We would ask that you appreciate that many staff teach all day and therefore it is unrealistic to expect a response within a few hours. Please allow 48 hours for staff to get back to you. Where queries are of a pastoral nature please direct communications to the Tutor in the first instance and copy the Senior Pastoral Manager into the email. Where queries are of a curriculum nature, please direct emails to the Assistant Head of Department for your child’s Key Stage in the first instance and copy the Head of Department into your communication. A full staff list can be found in the Staff contact information section and in the student planner.


Continuing Professional Development. During the year both after academy teaching hours and on Professional Development days, staff undergo ongoing training.


All staff can use detention at the following times:

  • Break;
  • Lunch;
  • After the academy day.

Parents are informed by telephone call / text message where detentions after academy are longer than 10 minutes. Detentions are used to catch up work missed and/or to discuss behaviour improvement in the areas required.


We have a superb Board of Directors who perform their vital roles in leading our academy very well indeed. The Board of Directors membership and make up details are provided, in detail, in the ‘Governance’ section of the academy website.

Disabled Access

As Nunthorpe was built over 50 years ago, provision for the disabled is limited. We have full access on the ground floor with ramps at the front and rear of the academy, but access to the first and second floors is not possible at this time. However, within the Sixth Form Centre, full access is possible to all areas.

Disciplinary (Board of Directors)

This is an extremely rare sanction at Nunthorpe. Parents and the student are expected to meet a panel of academy directors who will discuss the student’s behaviours and their future, if any at Nunthorpe. This is sanctioned for either extreme behaviour or students who show no improvements whilst on PSP.


All students found to be in possession of, or under the influence of drugs can expect to be excluded pending permanent exclusion from Nunthorpe Academy.


All of our staff undertake a duty at some point during the working week. Staff monitor student’s behaviour around the campus and ensure that all students are safe. A number of staff on duty are partnered with a House Prefect, a senior student in either Year 10 or Year 11.


The e-learning zone is the name of one of our larger ICT suites which comprises 60 work stations, 2 interactive whiteboards and a variety of other ICT resources. Passes for lunchtime access are available on the same day, from the LRC at break. After academy access is available most days.

Examinations & Tests

Examinations and tests are used to assess progress or attainment (the final level or grade that has been reached). A test is often used for a smaller unit of work or an individual learning task that does not count towards final grades e.g. a vocabulary test in a languages lesson to assess the amount learned; an end of unit science test to assess progress made. Examination is the term we use when the mark achieved will count towards a final grade e.g. a module examination in science or mathematics. Although we often think that an examination is writing answers to questions sitting at a desk in the hall, there are many more ways that we assess in the academy including coursework, practical examinations, multiple choice papers, written projects (especially in BTEC subjects) and so on. Please refer to the hand book for each subject for more information about the assessment used by each.


A serious sanction used when a student’s behaviour does not meet our academy code of conduct. Exclusions can be either that the student is sent home for a fixed period of time (External Exclusion) or the student could serve a period of isolation time in our Isolation 2 Room (Internal Exclusion).

Extended Academy

Nunthorpe is an Extended Academy. It provides a range of services and activities beyond the academy day, to help meet the needs of children, young people, their families and the wider community.

Nunthorpe provides access to (through signposting) the Core Offer of Extended Services:

  • Childcare / Varied Menu of Activities;
  • Parenting Support;
  • Swift and Easy Access;
  • Community Access.

Our Extended Services include Parenting Support Programmes, Enrichment Activities, Study Support Activities, Holiday Activities, Nunthorpe Youth Club, the Hiring of Academy Facilities, the specialism and the summer academy.

Extra Curricular

Activities run by faculties and houses which are extra to normal lesson time. Some activities are regular weekly events that link to curriculum areas e.g. sports clubs. Other activities are one-offs which act as community builders or rewards e.g. Year 11 Residential.


Groups of related subjects or larger subject areas e.g. Maths or Humanities which includes Geography, History, Philosophy & Ethics, Psychology and Sociology.

Fire and Emergency Evacuations

Periodic fire drills and evacuations do take place at the academy. Students are expected to exit the site in silence as quickly and sensibly as possible without running. We take all such emergency evacuations very seriously indeed.

First Aid

When students have accidents during the academy day they need to report to Main Reception who will then call for the duty first-aider to deal with the incident. We cannot treat injuries that happened outside of the academy day. In addition, we are not permitted to issue Paracetamol to students. Should your child require pain killers you will need to provide sufficient for the academy day for them to carry in their pocket.

Free School Meals (FSM)

Forms are available from Student Reception to apply for free school meals. We would ask that ANY family that thinks they might be eligible for free school meals to apply. Not only will it benefit you as a family but it also benefits the academy as the number of students on free school meals affects our budget. Should you require any assistance with this do not hesitate to ring the academy. You can speak to Ruth Walker, Receptionist (telephone 310561) in confidence.


Faculty Support Assistants. Members of staff who work with faculties to develop resources and display and analyse data. FSAs also cover lessons in the event of a teacher being absent.

Health & Safety

Like all organisations with the care, welfare and safety of all students, staff and visitors at our heart, we are compliant with all Health and Safety legislation. The academy takes Health and Safety in all areas of its work very seriously indeed. All relevant policies can be found on our academy policies page. Any matters of Health and Safety concern should, in the first instance, be raised with Glen Harris – Buildings Development Manager. Glen can be contacted via the following address:

Hire of Premises

Nunthorpe Academy facilities are available to hire all year round for sports meetings and functions.
Facilities available to hire include:

  • Sports Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance Studio
  • Main Hall (including stage)
  • Nunthorpe Youth Club – Main Area and Lounge
  • Academy Field
  • Art Rooms
  • Drama Rooms
  • Technology Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Sixth Form Centre.

For further information about hiring any of our facilities and charges, please contact Karen Deen –


Following recent changes to legislation, there can no longer be an expectation that parents can take their children out of the academy during term-time for a family holiday. We refer all unauthorised absences (holidays) to the Local Authority which could result in a fixed Penalty Notice of £60 per parent, per child.


Our Homework policy is available on our website and details the principles and procedures behind our homework practices. It is important that parents understand that we do take homework very seriously indeed at Nunthorpe.

Homework for the current unit/topic of work is available on ClassCharts. Parents and Students find this immensely helpful if, for any reason, homework has not been recorded in a student’s planner.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Senior Pastoral Managers and Assistant Pastoral Managers have the really hard decision of choosing a student from each house. These students will be rewarded by being invited to have a Hot Chocolate with the Head of School. High attendance, high achievement points, low / no behaviour points, good deeds around the academy, or in the local community are all things that will help the student to get chosen, they stand an even better chance if they hit multiple of these criteria!


We have 5 houses at Nunthorpe: Endeavour (Green), Invincible (Red), Triumph (Blue), Valiant (Orange), Victory (Yellow). These are organised into vertical tutor groups across the 11 – 16 part of the academy.


When students become ill during the academy day, every attempt is made to contact a member of their family and arrange for them to be taken home. For this, and many other reasons, it is VITAL that Contact Details are kept up to date.

Inclusion Centre

This faculty offers specific support to students at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 who have Special Educational Needs. The students are given individual programmes of work to follow that is linked to their specific need(s). Some students may be given support in their mainstream lessons via a Learning Support Assistant.

In our Inclusion Centre we provide a number of functions. Some students attend the Inclusion Centre to access support; others for remedial and re-engagement measures. Therefore students may attend the Inclusion Centre for the following reasons:

  • Short term alternative curriculum provision;
  • Extended alterative curriculum provision;
  • Modified timetable provision;
  • Intervention for specific lessons;
  • Behavioural intervention.

A second aspect of Inclusion is to provide specific support for students at all key stages who have special educational needs. This may be in the form of:

  • Support in main stream lessons from LSAs;
  • Support from outside agencies such as Education Psychologists or speech and language therapists;
  • Breakfast and after school clubs;
  • Lunchtime support.

Interim Data

Is collected 5 times each academic year for all subjects studied and is then used to produce reports to parents. Each interim report will include details of students attainment, progress, attitude to learning and behaviour. All foundation subjects conduct a baseline assessment at the start of Year 7 and monitor progress made from this starting point. In Year 10 & 11 data is collected (GCSE grades A*-G) and based upon 4 levels of progress target predictions for all subjects.

Interim Reports

Interim Reports are issued by tutors to students shortly after each 6/7 week half term assessment period.

Internet Usage

Your son/daughter will have monitored use of the internet and will have to accept an AUP. AUP stands for acceptable use policy. The usual academy behaviour rules apply to all computer use and internet access.


When we assess students we compare their progress / grades with what we would expect of them. Intervention is the name we give for the range of measures we might take to work with students to increase their chances of meeting their estimated grade. This might include repeating a piece of work to make sure it matches a student’s potential; additional sessions after academy; meeting with the Head of Department or class teacher among many other possible support measures.

iPods (and MP3 players etc)

We are happy for these to be played discreetly at lunch and break times in our academy (not on the way to or from lessons). If an ipod or similar is confiscated by a member of staff, it can only then be collected by a parent or a carer from the academy’s Main Reception. Confiscated items will never be returned to students under any circumstances.


No jewellery is permitted at Nunthorpe other than a simple pair of gold or silver stud earrings. If an jewellery is confiscated by a member of staff, it can only then be collected by a parent or a carer from the academy’s main reception. Confiscated items will never be returned to students under any circumstances. Please see the academy policies section for full details of our Uniform Policy.


Key Stage 3 refers to students following National Curriculum Subjects prior to the onset of GCSE / BTEC.


Key Stage 4 refers to students following GCSE / BTEC courses. Students begin KS4 in year 9 for Maths, English and Science. For all other subjects, KS4 starts in year 10 after the options process.


Key Stage 5 refers to students undertaking courses usually in our Sixth Form although some KS4 age students will access courses at this level too.


Local Authority.

Lateness / Punctuality

If a student is late this will be recorded by the tutor and with recurrences of lateness detentions will be used. All students arriving late to the academy must sign in with Mrs O’Neill outside Main Reception prior to going to lessons. Students with regular lateness will be put onto lateness reports and be monitored by tutor / Senior Pastoral Manager. Please see our Attendance and Punctuality Policies for further details – this is available in the Academy Policies section.

Leaving Academy Premises

Students who need to leave the academy premises for medical purposes must have their planner signed by parents (using the medical page). The note needs to be shown to the student’s tutor who must also sign it then show it to student reception as they leave and sign out of the academy. If the student returns to the academy after an appointment they must sign-in with Mrs O’Neill. Students will only be allowed to leave the academy site if they are collected by an adult.


All students have access to a locker in their House area. All coats, bags and other personal items should be left in lockers and only planners, books and pencil cases carried to lessons. The locker must remain locked at all times. The rental of a locker is paid when your child starts at the academy and costs £37.50 for 5 years. Students on Free School Meals are entitled to a free rental.

Lost Property

All lost property is taken to Student Reception. Anything with a student’s name on is returned to the student via the tutor tray. Clothing etc is held until the end of each half term at which point it is displayed at Student Reception and then any items unclaimed are donated to charity.


Over 5000 fiction and non-fiction books available for loan at break, lunch and after academy. Also accessible for quiet reading at break and lunchtime.


Learning Support Assistants. Members of support staff who are attached to specific students and attend lessons to support their learning within the classroom.

Lunchtime Arrangements

All students are expected to remain in the academy for lunch. Food can be bought on site or packed lunches brought. Students are expected to eat in the Dining Room, Dining Quads or Hall. For the remainder of lunch students are expected to make use of the quads, covered way or outside areas. It is essential in the colder months that students bring a warm coat for use at lunchtimes.


The term used to denote our More able & Talented students. Those who demonstrate exceptional abilities in specific subject / skill areas are placed on the M&T register and class teachers plan lessons and schemes of work designed to stretch our most able. In addition to this there are a whole host of extra-curricular opportunities on offer for our M&T cohort.

Managed Moves

Some students move to a new school/academy to support them with their personal or behavioural development. This is called a Managed Move.

Mobile Phones

Students are allowed to have mobiles in the academy however they should be switched off in all lessons and should not be seen by staff. If used inappropriately they will be confiscated until a parent / carer comes in to collect it. Under no circumstances will a confiscated mobile phone be returned to a student.

Money (payments)

ParentPay is our online payment system and is now our preferred method of payment for trips, music tuition, etc. ParentPay offers you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will have a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password; you will be prompted to change these, and to keep them safe and secure. If you have more than one child at our academy or children at another ParentPay school/academy, you can create one single account login for all your children regardless of which school/academy they attend.

Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay holds a payment history for you to view at a later date; no card details are stored in any part of the system. Once you have activated your account you can make online payments straight away.

Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque payable to ‘Nunthorpe Academy Limited’. Students should collect a cash collection envelope from student reception, place the cheque/cash inside along with a remittance slip (if applicable) and enter the details requested on the front e.g. name, form etc. This should then be placed in the black box outside the Central Administration Office. Please note that this box is emptied a number of times during the day.


We monitor the progress of all students in our academy. Offering support and guidance to help them achieve their potential. As part of this programme all students receive a termly 1:2:1 consultation with their form tutor after they have received their interim report. We use this data to set targets which are then monitored, reviewed and refined for the individual. We take into account students’ behaviour, academic potential and organisation etc.


A secure cycle / motorcycle storage facility is available. Students can apply for a permit to use this provided they follow our Cycling and Motorcycling Policy. Full details and application forms are available in the academy policies section.

Music Lessons (Peri-teachers)

Nunthorpe Academy offers music tuition lessons for a wide variety of instruments through the Tees Valley Music Service as well as through our own peripatetic music tutors who work directly with the academy. Details are available through our Music Department on 01642 310561 ext 137.


The nurse holds drop in sessions on Monday lunch times, and after school to speak with students. During these sessions she will give advice on smoking, contraception, general health & teenage issues. She is also available for home visits to discuss home concerns e.g. diabetes, allergies, asthma & behaviour (due to health issues).


Office for Standards in Education. Government department who review standards in schools/academies and monitor improvements.

Parents’ Evenings

Twice a year parents are invited into the academy for a consultation to discuss academic & pastoral progress with form tutors and if needed targets and support can be put in place. Interim reports are also to be collected at this event.

Persistent Absentees

A student whose attendance drops below 85%, for any reason, is classed as a Persistent Absentee. These students are reviewed regularly and a letter is sent home informing parents/guardians of this. If the attendance of a PA Student fails to improve, and there is no good reason for the poor absence, parents / guardians will be called in for an Attendance Meeting. If there is still no improvement the matter may be referred to the Local Authority Childrens and Families Service for possible legal action.


Academy photographs are taken each year for the purpose of supplying up to date images for academy records. These are also made available to parents as a portrait to purchase in a variety of packages. During the spring we also have a photograph of the whole of year 11 taken. These are available to purchase early in the summer term.


This should be used to record all homework set and levels. Notes from and to parents should be written in the planner. All students will be given a planner at the start of the year and will be expected to buy a replacement should they lose it. Replacement planners can be bought from Student Reception.


Nunthorpe Academy works closely with the community Police Officers to develop relationships and build reciprocal support.


Each house nominates prefects during the summer term of Year 10. 2 prefects are selected as House Captains and a further 2 as Vice Captains. Prefects undertake duties around the academy at breaks and lunchtimes working alongside staff; they also have public function duties at parent’s evenings and academy events.

Primary Liaison

Throughout the academic year Nunthorpe works closely with all partner primary schools to ensure that students in Year 6 are supported in their transition to secondary school. We have a number of teachers who undertake teaching in the primary schools which can help to ease the transition for students as they already know teachers at Nunthorpe before the moving to our academy. All students are invited to visit for at least 2 days induction in the summer term before moving schools.


Pastoral Support Plan. A process of supporting students who are not managing to have a successful experience at the academy. Involvement of the LA, Inclusion, Senior Pastoral Manager, parent and other agencies depending on the case is essential to support students towards success.


Nunthorpe Academy’s Parents Voice Group:

  • Cares for the academy and all those who work in it;
  • Fundraises for the academy;
  • Organises social events to bring children, young people, adults and the local community together;
  • Provides support for academy trips and outings and other special events;
  • Is a voice within the academy – creating a partnership between academy and parents;
  • Contributes to the wider community which the academy serves.

The PVG is a great way for parents / carers and academy staff to become directly involved with the academy, through volunteering their time and talents.

The PVG membership is drawn from those who are presently parents / carers / family relations of current students at the academy or have been in the past, or are staff of the academy.

If you are interested in getting involved with PVG please contact Karen Deen –


Covered outside areas which provide space to eat and socialise during breaks and lunchtimes.

Religious Observations

Students who would like provisions to be made for religious observances should speak to their Senior Pastoral Manager and make them aware. Provision will be made for students in accordance with their requirements (time scale etc).


This internet based system allows parents secure access to information including attendance, behaviour and achievements logged by individual staff against students. Schoolgateway can be accessed here. If you are unable to register for Schoolgateway, or have any questions – please email:


Self Evaluation Form. This is the mechanism used within the academy to monitor our own progress and standards.


SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. In line with the SEN Code of Practice 2014, the Academy supports all students individually to ensure progress is made in lessons by ensuring that all teachers plan accordingly for all students needs. There are four areas of SEND – Social Communication, Cognition and Learning, Physical and Sensory and Social, mental and emotional need.

Further information on how the Academy supports students with SEND is available in the Nunthorpe SEND offer in the Inclusion section in the Subject area.


Students are put into sets in KS3 and 4 according to ability and prior attainment in Maths, English and Science. Sets are also used in Languages and PE for students at KS3.

Sex Education

Students are taught this topic through Life Lessons in KS3.


Senior Leadership Team. This includes the Executive Principal, Head of School, Vice-Principal and Assistant Vice-Principals.


Senior Pastoral Manager


This stands for Sport, Physical activity, Outdoor Education, and Recreation Team. It is the name of the Faculty who deliver PE to all students in Years 7 – 11 as well as running a number of examination courses at KS4 and 5 and offering numerous extra-curricular opportunities available to all. Students should check out the weekly SPORT bulletin on display in their tutor room or ask any member of the SPORT team for details of the activities which they can get involved in.

Please refer to the student planner to see the requirements regarding the school PE kit. Please note that some items are compulsory and some optional. Please see the policies section for our Uniform Policy.

If you have any questions regarding the work of the SPORT Faculty please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Department for SPORT.

Staff contact

Contact details for all staff at the academy are in preference by email. Staff email addresses are all constructed in the same way: first initial, then surname, followed by An example for Mr Lee Brown would be

Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students, who represent KS3, KS4, KS5 and the Pastoral system. Students apply for this position through an application and interview process for the sub-committees and through an election for the Whole Academy Council. Regular meetings are held to discuss whole academy curriculum and pastoral student issues and then actions are decided. These students lead on monitoring of low level student behaviour in lessons, creation of resources and changes to curriculum, the learning environment, informing middle management meetings on a variety of issues, such as assessment, marking and feedback. The students are also involved with improvement projects around the academy including the wider community.


At Nunthorpe we run a weekly timetable which comprises of 25 lessons, each one hour long. The Academy begins at 8:40 am each day (students are expected to arrive by 8:30 am) lessons begin at 8:40 am prompt and the day finishes at 3pm. Break is between 10:40am and 11:00am and lunch is between 12:00noon and 12:30pm for Endeavour, Invincible and Victory whilst Triumph and Valiant are in Tutor time. Second lunch is between 12:30pm and 1:00pm for Triumph and Valiant whilst Endeavour, Invincible and Victory are in tutor time.


Throughout students time at Nunthorpe Academy, their academic performance is tracked and monitored across all subjects. This allows us to see if they are working to their full potential and put intervention in place if required, to help to support student achievement.


This refers to the move and progression from Year 6 to Year 7 (Primary to Secondary); from Year 9 to Year 10 (KS3 to KS4), and from Year 11 to Sixth Form (KS4 to KS5).

Tuck Shop

As a healthy academy, our tuck shop does not include traditional items such as fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate. All items sold are freshly prepared and / or baked in the academy kitchens. We would ask that parents support us by not allowing students to bring such items in their packed lunches. It is also not appropriate for students to bring such items into the academy to “sell” or “give” to other students as we are committed to promoting “Healthy Lifestyles”. Any students found involving themselves in such activities will have all produce confiscated along with any monies made and parents will be expected to come and collect them from the academy.


The member of staff responsible for the pastoral care of a student.

Tutor Time

30 minutes pastoral time at 12noon, or 12:30pm depending on your child’s house.


Students are expected to adhere in full to uniform expectations set out in the planner and in the Uniform policy – which can be found in the Policies section. Failure to comply with uniform policy can result in daily detentions.

Vertical Tutoring

Within houses students are part of a tutor group which consists of students from all 5 (7 – 11) year groups. Approximately 5 students from each year make up one tutor group. This structure is used to provide additional support to students across ages, groups and experiences.

Visitors to the Academy

All visitors must report to our Main Reception and sign in with our reception staff prior to taking up their pre-arranged appointment. All visitors must have an appointment, we cannot accommodate impromptu visits but will take phone numbers/email addresses to ask staff to contact as soon as possible.


Students may take part in visits during their academy career; they can be social visits or educational visits. Parents consent will be requested for off site visits, along with medical history and emergency contact numbers. Parents will be contacted with details by letter, prior to the visit taking place.


Students are encouraged to bring an appropriate winter coat during the colder months as all students are expected to be outside after eating their lunch. Students can make use of the Quads which, although at the external temperature, are covered and dry. All coats must be plain and unpatterned. Please see the Policies section for full details of our Uniform Policy.


Our academy website contains a wealth of information, including, contact details for all staff, letters to parents, academy information & policies and the academy calendar to name but a few. The website is the main way of communicating with parents and carers.

Work Experience

In line with changes made to Work Related Learning by the government, Work Experience is no longer a statutory duty, nor do we receive any funding. We are happy to support students / parents who are keen to participate in a Work Experience but must ask that they contribute to the cost of Health and Safety checks and procure their own placement.

Youth and Community Centre

Nunthorpe Youth and Community Centre is a free standing, purpose built centre which is part of our Academy. The centre offers a wide range of activities, available to children, young people, their families and the wider community. Activities include:

  • Senior Youth Club (13 – 19 years);
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels (14 + years);
  • Acrobatics;
  • Nunthorpe Ladies Group.

The centre also offers the use of its facilities for hire (please see ‘Hiring our facilities’ section in the Facilities Area).