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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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Students are expected to carry a sensible bag to the academy and leave this in their locker all day. Only at times when students have PE do we allow them to carry bags. Small fashion handbags are not acceptable and should never be brought into the academy. Please see the academy website for full details of our Uniform Policy.

Basic Equipment

All students have a minimum expectation placed upon them to provide basic equipment for themselves. We would expect all students to have the following, AS A MINIMUM, with them all day, every day. Pencil case, Pens and pencils (coloured), Rubber and sharpener, Ruler, and Calculator.

We would hope that many students would choose to bring more than the minimum but with this equipment all students can engage in basic activities in all lessons. Where more complex requirements exist, faculties will provide the necessary equipment or ask you to provide it for your child.

Behaviour (expectations/policies)

At Nunthorpe Academy we have extremely high expectations of behaviour and conduct. We have outlined the “Behaviour Policy” in student friendly speak in the Student Planner. The most important element within this is the Behaviour Code of Conduct which outlines in simple terms, what is expected of students and staff in every lesson within the academy. Students who are not able to comply with academy expectations will be picked up by BFL on a lesson by lesson basis and by Senior Pastoral Managers later if problems in lessons continue. The ultimate outcome for students who do not take Nunthorpe Academy expectations seriously is a Pupil Support Plan (PSP) and/or Pupils Disciplinary Panel (PDC) with a view to leaving our academy (Managed Move or Permanent Exclusion) if behaviour does not improve radically.


This stands for Behaviour for Learning. Senior members of staff are “on call” during the day to support staff in ensuring that learning within the lessons is effective. Where students are not complying with the academy behaviour expectations, BFL can be called to support.

Bicycles (cycling to and from the academy)

Whilst we at Nunthorpe wish to promote the maximum use of ‘green’ transport modes to and from the academy, we can only allow this if all of our students adhere to the Highway Code and cycle responsibly. A secure cycle storage facility is available and students can apply for a permit to use this provided that they follow our Cycling and Motorcycling Policy.


Every Student at Nunthorpe has the right to enjoy his or her academy life free from intimidation. Our Anti-Bullying code can be found in the student planner. Student Anti Bullying Ambassadors are trained through the Princess Diana Trust and are available daily through Student Services.