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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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The most up to date version of the Academy Calendar can be found on the academy website homepage.

Care Guidance & Support

A term used to describe the wider elements of academy life. Often this can be referred to as the “Pastoral” side of the academy, however, all 3 elements are important in all lessons within the academy curriculum. Care, Guidance and Support includes intervention, academic monitoring and behaviour support and monitoring.


Throughout their time at Nunthorpe, students will follow the National Framework for Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance which looks at Career pathways for all students enabling them to make well informed realistic choices. In Years 10 and 11, they will also have a one to one interview with an independent careers advisor.


We have an independent catering service that provides all catering needs for our students. “Dolce” – provide a wide variety of products for students at both break and lunchtime. Food is paid for via biometrics once students have selected what they would like; “meal deals” are available for hot and cold options.


We support various charities throughout the year usually based around current or local issues.


Throughout their time at Nunthorpe Academy students will study a National Framework which looks at various topics that encourage students to be good citizens who appreciate the problems their generation face.


Part of our reward system in our academy. Commendations are given for actions or deeds and quality of work. Students can receive Pastoral / Department Commendations which they collect from the Senior Pastoral Manager or Head of Department relevant to the work or incident that they achieved the commendation for. Where students have done something extra special they can receive an SLT Commendation which they collect from a member of the senior team. At the end of each term, Senior Pastoral Manager of each house and Heads of each department nominate students for the termly Governors’ Commendation within their area. This is an after academy celebration where students receive congratulations from Academy Governors, all staff and parents are invited to this event.

Communication (with Parents)

We will communicate with you in a number of ways. Classroom teachers and tutors may ring home when a small incident occurs to make parents / carers aware quickly. Praise and concern letters can be sent in the post. Whole academy letters are posted in the Letters for Parents section of the academy website and a sticker is placed into the student planners or text sent home to alert families to the fact a new letter has been added. Additionally, whole academy information is sent out to parents by emails to those for whom we have email addresses. It is essential – (parental / carers responsibility) that we have all contact details kept up to date throughout your child’s time at the academy which includes email, address and phone numbers. ‘Change of Contact Details’ forms can be found in your child’s planner or you can email details to your child’s Pastoral team.

Communication (with the Academy)

It is our request that as far as possible communication with the academy is done via email. Phone messages can be left on answer phones for all Senior Pastoral Manager and Heads of Departments as well as the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). We would ask that you appreciate that many staff teach all day and therefore it is unrealistic to expect a response within a few hours. Please allow 48 hours for staff to get back to you. Where queries are of a pastoral nature please direct communications to the Tutor in the first instance and copy the Assistant and Senior Pastoral Manager into the email. Where queries are of a curriculum nature, please direct emails to the Assistant Head of Department for your child’s Key Stage in the first instance and copy the Head of Department into your communication. All staff email addresses can be found here: Staff.


Continuing Professional Development. During the year both after academy teaching hours and on Professional Development days, staff undergo ongoing training.