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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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The e-learning zone is the name of one of our larger ICT suites which comprises 60 work stations, 2 interactive whiteboards and a variety of other ICT resources. Passes for lunchtime access are available on the same day, from the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at break. After academy access is available most days, with Progress Club hosted every Wednesday between 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Examinations & Tests

Examinations and tests are used to assess progress or attainment (the final level or grade that has been reached). A test is often used for a smaller unit of work or an individual learning task that does not count towards final grades e.g. a vocabulary test in a languages lesson to assess the amount learned; an end of unit science test to assess progress made. Examination is the term we use when the mark achieved will count towards a final grade e.g. a module examination in science or mathematics. Although we often think that an examination is writing answers to questions sitting at a desk in the hall, there are many more ways that we assess in the academy including coursework, practical examinations, multiple choice papers, written projects (especially in BTEC subjects) and so on. Please refer to the hand book for each subject for more information about the assessment used by each.


A serious sanction used when a student’s behaviour does not meet our academy code of conduct. Exclusions are when the student is sent home for a fixed period of time (Fixed Term Exclusion).

Extended Academy

Nunthorpe is an Extended Academy. It provides a range of services and activities beyond the academy day, to help meet the needs of children, young people, their families and the wider community.

Our Extended Services include Parenting Support Programmes, Enrichment Activities, Study Support Activities, and the Hiring of Academy Facilities.

Extra Curricular

Activities run by faculties and houses which are extra to normal lesson time. Some activities are regular weekly events that link to curriculum areas e.g. sports clubs. Other activities are one-offs which act as community builders or rewards e.g. Attendance Trip.