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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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Groups of related subjects or larger subject areas e.g. Maths or Humanities which includes Geography, History, Philosophy & Ethics, and Psychology.

Fire and Emergency Evacuations

Periodic fire drills and evacuations do take place at the academy. Students are expected to exit the site in silence as quickly and sensibly as possible without running and line up alphabetically in House and Tutor group order on the tennis courts. We take all such emergency evacuations very seriously indeed.

First Aid

When students have accidents during the academy day they need to report to a staff member who will then call for the duty first-aider to deal with the incident via BFL Medical. We cannot treat injuries that happened outside of the academy day. In addition, we are not permitted to issue Paracetamol to students. Should your child require pain killers you will need to provide sufficient for the academy day for them to carry in their pocket.

Free School Meals (FSM)

Forms are available from Main Reception and online to apply for free school meals. We would ask that ANY family that thinks they might be eligible for free school meals to apply. Not only will it benefit you as a family but it also benefits the academy as the number of students on free school meals affects our budget. Should you require any assistance with this do not hesitate to ring the academy. You can speak to Janet Coverdale, Administration Assistant (telephone 01642 310561) in confidence.


Faculty Support Assistants. Members of staff who work with faculties to develop resources and display and analyse data. FSAs also cover lessons in the event of a teacher being absent.