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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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Health & Safety

Like all organisations with the care, welfare and safety of all students, staff and visitors at our heart, we are compliant with all Health and Safety legislation. The academy takes Health and Safety in all areas of its work very seriously indeed. All relevant policies can be found on our academy policies page. Any matters of Health and Safety concern should, in the first instance, be raised with Glen Harris – Buildings Development Manager. Glen can be contacted via the following address:

Hire of Premises

Nunthorpe Academy facilities are available to hire all year round for sports meetings and functions.
Facilities available to hire include:

  • Sports Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance Studio
  • Main Hall (including stage)
  • Nunthorpe Main Reception – Classrooms and Hall
  • Academy Field
  • Art Rooms
  • Drama Rooms
  • Technology Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Sixth Form Centre.

For further information about hiring any of our facilities and charges, please contact Mr Glen Harris – or Mrs Sarah Honeyman


Following recent changes to legislation, there can no longer be an expectation that parents can take their children out of the academy during term-time for a family holiday. We refer all unauthorised absences (holidays) to the Local Authority which could result in a fixed Penalty Notice of £60 per parent, per child. Please contact the Attendance Officer – Mrs Clare O’Neill ( if you have a unique set of circumstances to discuss.


Our Homework policy is available on our website and details the principles and procedures behind our homework practices. It is important that parents understand that we do take homework very seriously indeed at Nunthorpe.

Homework for the current unit/topic of work is available on ClassCharts. Parents and Students find this immensely helpful if, for any reason, homework has not been recorded in a student’s planner.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Senior Pastoral Managers and Assistant Pastoral Managers have the really hard decision of choosing a student from each house. These students will be rewarded by being invited to have a Hot Chocolate with the Head of School. High attendance, high achievement points, low / no behaviour points, good deeds around the academy, or in the local community are all things that will help the student to get chosen, they stand an even better chance if they hit multiple of these criteria! Hot Chocolate Friday photos are shared weekly on our social media.


We have 5 houses at Nunthorpe: Endeavour (Green), Invincible (Red), Triumph (Blue), Valiant (Orange), Victory (Yellow). These are organised into vertical tutor groups across the 11 – 16 part of the academy.