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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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Local Authority.

Lateness / Punctuality

If a student is late this will be recorded by the teaching member of staff and a whole school detention will be issued. All students arriving late to the academy must sign in with the Senior Pastoral Manager on duty outside Main Reception prior to going to lessons. Students with regular lateness will be monitored by tutor / Senior Pastoral Manager. Please see our Attendance and Punctuality Policies for further details – this is available in the Academy Policies section.

Leaving Academy Premises

Students who need to leave the academy premises for medical purposes must have their planner signed by parents (using the medical page). The note needs to be shown to the student’s tutor or pastoral team who must also sign it then show it to Main Reception as they leave and sign out of the academy. If the student returns to the academy after an appointment they must sign in at Main Reception. Students will only be allowed to leave the academy site if they are collected by an adult or prior permission has been given by parent / carer for the students to leave alone.


All students have access to a locker in their House area. All coats, bags and other personal items should be left in lockers and only planners, books and pencil cases carried to lessons. The locker must remain locked at all times. The rental of a locker is paid when your child starts at the academy and costs £37.50 for 5 years. Students on Free School Meals are entitled to a free rental.

Lost Property

All lost property is taken to Student Reception. Anything with a student’s name on is returned to the student via the tutor tray. Clothing etc is held until the end of each half term at which point it is displayed at Student Reception and then any items unclaimed are donated to charity.


Learning Resource Centre. There are over 5000 fiction and non-fiction books available for loan at break, lunch and after academy. Also accessible for quiet reading at break and lunchtime.


Learning Support Assistants. Members of support staff who are attached to specific students and attend lessons to support their learning within the classroom.

Lunchtime Arrangements

All students are expected to remain in the academy for lunch. Food can be bought on site or packed lunches brought. Students are expected to eat in the Dining Room, Dining Quads or Hall. For the remainder of lunch students are expected to make use of the quads, covered way or outside areas. It is essential in the colder months that students bring a warm coat for use at lunchtimes.