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Confused about the acronyms that are used by the academy? This A to Z explains all of the commonly used acronyms

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Parents’ Evenings

Once a year parents are invited into the academy for a consultation to discuss academic & pastoral progress with subject teachers and if needed targets and support can be put in place. Interim reports are also to be collected at this event.

Persistent Absentees

A student whose attendance drops below 90%, for any reason, is classed as a Persistent Absentee. These students are reviewed regularly and a letter is sent home informing parents/guardians of this. If the attendance of a PA Student fails to improve, and there is no good reason for the poor absence, parents / guardians will be called in for an Attendance Meeting. If there is still no improvement the matter may be referred to the Local Authority Childrens and Families Service for possible legal action.


Academy photographs are taken each year for the purpose of supplying up to date images for academy records. These are also made available to parents as a portrait to purchase in a variety of packages. During the spring we also have a photograph of the whole of year 11 taken. These are available to purchase early in the summer term.


This should be used to record all homework set and levels. Notes from and to parents should be written in the planner. All students will be given a planner at the start of the year and will be expected to buy a replacement should they lose it. Replacement planners can be bought from Student Reception.


Nunthorpe Academy works closely with the community Police Officers to develop relationships and build reciprocal support.


Each house nominates prefects during the Spring term of Year 10. 2 prefects are selected as House Captain and Vice Captain. Prefects undertake duties around the academy at breaks and lunchtimes working alongside staff; they also have public function duties at parent’s evenings and academy events.

Primary Liaison

Throughout the academic year Nunthorpe works closely with all partner primary schools to ensure that students in Year 6 are supported in their transition to secondary school. We have a number of teachers who undertake teaching in the primary schools which can help to ease the transition for students as they already know teachers at Nunthorpe before the moving to our academy. All students are invited to visit for an Induction Week in the Summer term before moving schools.


Pastoral Support Plan. A process of supporting students who are not managing to have a successful experience at the academy. Involvement of the LA, Inclusion, Senior Pastoral Manager, parent and other agencies depending on the case is essential to support students towards success.


Nunthorpe Academy’s Parents Voice Group:

  • Cares for the academy and all those who work in it;
  • Fundraises for the academy;
  • Organises social events to bring children, young people, adults and the local community together;
  • Provides support for academy trips and outings and other special events;
  • Is a voice within the academy – creating a partnership between academy and parents;
  • Contributes to the wider community which the academy serves.

The PVG is a great way for parents / carers and academy staff to become directly involved with the academy, through volunteering their time and talents.

The PVG membership is drawn from those who are presently parents / carers / family relations of current students at the academy or have been in the past, or are staff of the academy.

If you are interested in getting involved with PVG please come along to the next advertised meeting in the PVG section of the website.