Information regarding Nunthorpe Academy policies; available to download. If you can't find the policy that you require please email admin@nunthorpe.co.uk

Academy Buildings Lettings

Published March 2018 Download

The Academy building and facilities are available for hire by external bodies upon application to the Director of Extended Academy or the Campus Development Manager.

Academy Closures Statement

Published March 2018 Download

This statement sets out the basic guidelines that an NMAT Academy will adopt in the case of a closure. It may have to be adapted to cater for individual, very specific circumstances.

Academy Journeys / Visits and Insurance

Published November 2017 Download

Nunthorpe encourages educational visits for many good educational, curricular and social reasons. But whenever a student, staff or helper leaves the Academy site on such visit the Academy must be assured that the criteria in the document attached apply.

Academy Visitor Behaviour

Published November 2017 Download

The Academy at Nunthorpe encourages close links with parents and the community. It believes that students benefit when the relationship between home and the academy is a positive one.


Published March 2018 Download

This plan is drawn up in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. Disability is defined under the Equality Act 2010 as “A physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.”


Published March 2018

Nunthorpe’s admission zone is as shown on the area map which is highlighted in yellow on our website. All parents are also strongly urged to consult the Redcar and Cleveland Local Authority Guide for Parents along with our Admission Policy which can be found at http://www.redcar-cleveland.gov.uk/Admissions

Annual Learner Agreement

Published October 2017 Download

We are proud of our reputation as an academy which embraces all that is excellent about innovation in learning with all that is excellent about traditional values. We are determined to remain Outstanding in all that we do.


Published November 2017 Download

The aim of the Nunthorpe Anti-Bullying Policy is to ensure that students learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied. Bullying in all its form is contrary to the ethos of Nunthorpe, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Published May 2017 Download

Nunthorpe want its students to make the most of their time at the Academy, not only for their education but also for their social development.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Published July 2018 Download

“Careers guidance makes a difference. It’s in the engine room of social mobility; a vital part of the machinery of social justice. Good advice doesn’t just transform lives. It transforms our society by challenging the pre-conceived ideas about what each of us seek and what all of us can achieve.” John Hayes.


Published July 2018 Download

We believe that CCTV and other surveillance systems have a legitimate role to play in helping to maintain a safe and secure environment for all our staff, students and visitors.

Charging and Remission

Published March 2018 Download

Our Directors acknowledge the right of all of our students to receive free state funded academy education and understands that activities offered wholly or mainly during normal learning time must be made available to all students regardless of their parents’ ability to help meet the cost.

Child Protection

Published March 2018 Download

Nunthorpe fully recognises and embraces its responsibilities for Child Protection.

Children Looked After (CLA)

Published July 2017 Download

Nunthorpe Multi Academy Trust (NMAT) believes that all CLA students have the same rights and entitlements to a high quality education as all children in our academies.


Published July 2017 Download

Academies within the MAT are proud of their reputation for handling the relatively few complaints the Trust receives in a timely manner.

Cycling, Motor Cycling, and Motor Vehicle

Published May 2017

Students in Years 7-11 should apply to Mr Richard Schofield or Mr Chris Boal, the Inclusion Officers at Nunthorpe Academy for a Cycling permit provided the conditions in the following policy are met.


Published July 2016 Download

The Equality Policy for Nunthorpe Academy brings together all previous policies, schemes and action plans around equality.

Equality Duty Statement

Published July 2018 Download

The Equality Act 2010 ensures that everyone has the right to be treated fairly at work or when using services. It harmonises and streamlines 40 years of equalities legislation and protects employees and service users on the basis of certain “protected characteristics”.

Estranged Families

Published March 2018 Download

Nunthorpe is committed to ensuring that we are entirely impartial in the unfortunate circumstances of separated and divorced parents/carers who are estranged. Where parents/carers are unwilling and/or unable to communicate directly with each other, the academy will deal primarily with the parent/carer listed as living with the child/young person at the Main Residence.

External Communication

Published April 2015 Download

Nunthorpe is committed to providing the highest possible quality of service and professional conduct for all who work with us and for us. We MUST take every query / complaint / issue seriously and treat all such matters with professional courtesy and respect.

First Aid

Published March 2017 Download

This academy is conscious of its obligations under the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations, 1981 and guidance from the Department for Education to provide adequate and appropriate first aid facilities for members of staff, students and visitors.

Health and Safety

Published March 2018 Download

Every colleague of Nunthorpe Academy (“The Academy”) should read the Academy’s policy which draws attention to the specific obligations of the Academy. This policy statement meets specific needs of the Academy’s colleagues, students, visitors and members of the public who may use the Academy’s premises.

Homework and Independent Learning

Published May 2018 Download

Nunthorpe Academy has an absolute commitment to Homework and Independent Learning which supports, enhances, extends, consolidates and develops student learning and independence. It should be used by staff to enthuse, engage and motivate students to learn and foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Medical Conditions and Medicines Management

Published July 2018 Download

Nunthorpe Academy is committed to ensure that students with medical conditions are supported. Nunthorpe is an inclusive community that supports and welcomes students with medical conditions.

Parent Partnership

Published April 2017 Download

At Nunthorpe Academy we recognise the importance of and value parental involvement in the life and development of the Academy. We believe that education is a collaborative enterprise involving, amongst others, parents, staff and children.

Positive Behaviour

Published December 2018 Download

Students are expected to arrive on time, in correct uniform and to be fully equipped and ready for learning.

Privacy Notice

Published June 2018

Under data protection law, individuals have a right to be informed about how the school uses any personal data that we hold about them. We comply with this right by providing ‘privacy notices’ (sometimes called ‘fair processing notices’) to individuals where we are processing their personal data.

Provider Access

Published March 2018 Download

This policy statement sets out the academy’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the academy for the purposes of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.

PSHE Citizenship

Published July 2018 Download

At Nunthorpe Academy we take a whole school approach to Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship. This reflects the needs of the pupils, the ethos of the school and the broad aims of the National Curriculum.


Published November 2015 Download

As good time keeping is a key employability and life skill we need to ensure our students understand its importance and encourage them to value this. There needs to be a clear process in the management and monitoring of punctuality to enable staff and students to understand their role in this process.

Risk Assessment

Published March 2018 Download

A risk assessment is an important tool in protecting colleagues, pupils, visitors, contractors, etc by analysing hazards and identifying risk reduction measures.


Published March 2018 Download

Safeguarding is seen by the Academy as our ‘duty of care’ to ensure that every student is safe from harm. Harm can be defined in numerous ways and we take this in its broadest form.

Sex Education

Published July 2018 Download

Sex education provides an understanding that positive, caring environments are essential for the development of a good self-image and that individuals are in charge of and responsible for their own bodies.

Smoke Free

Published March 2018 Download

This policy has been developed to protect all employees, workers, students and visitors from exposure to second hand smoke and to assist compliance with the Health Act 2006.

Special Education Needs

Published March 2018 Download

Nunthorpe Academy are committed to ensuring that every individual student has every opportunity to achieve full potential. Nunthorpe fully support the principles of Inclusive education for all students with additional needs and complies with the Statutory requirement laid out in the DFE’s SEND Code of Practice 0-25 (2014).

Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural SMSC

Published November 2017

The SMSC development of our students is central to the ethos pedagogy of Nunthorpe Academy. This policy defines what we mean by SMSC development and outlines strategies to secure its development in all of our students.

Uniform and Equipment

Published November 2017 Download

Our 11-16 uniform aims to ensure all students maintain a professional, business-like appearance in keeping with Nunthorpe’s exceptionally high standards and expectations. The uniform is designed to be affordable for all our families and our policy is kept under regular review through consultation with stakeholders.

Vulnerable Students Action Plan (including Pupil Premium)

Published December 2017

The Government provides Pupil Premium funding, which is additional to main schools funding, in order to address the current inequalities between students who are in receipt of Free School Meals or have been in the preceding six years and those who are not.