The Inclusion Department provides several different provision to support students to reach their potential, maximise their progress and increase their attendance. Support is given by staff within the academy and also involves using Specialist Agencies when required.

Our SEND (Special, Education, Needs and Disability) Academy Offer

Please take your time in reading the following information about how we support any student with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This can be found here: SEND Academy Offers.

Redcar and Cleveland’s Local Offer information and advice about services for children with Special Educational Needs can be found on Peoples Information Network Website: People’s Information Network

Inclusion Department

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Inclusion 1

Student will access the Inclusion 1 area when they require literacy and numeracy additional intervention and support.

Year 7 Nurture Group

There are 12 places within the Nurture Group. The group is formed from data given by our Primary Providers. Students are taught by Miss Hook for their Core subjects (English/Maths/Topic lesson) within one classroom. This allows a bridge between students leaving Primary and beginning Secondary Education. The students are given intense small group teaching to assist in their progress.

Year 8-9 Intervention Groups

Students who require additional literacy and numeracy support are withdrawn from the main timetable of the Academy and given an individualised timetable. Students are identified by their reading ages which are tested throughout the academic year. The student’s progress is monitored throughout the lesson and tracked by the teacher and Head of Inclusion.

Accelerated Reading Intervention Scheme

All year 7 students will have their reading ages tested on entry into the Academy, these are re tested three times per year within KS3. All students within Y7 and Y8 receive a dedicated literacy lesson every week. Students who are highlighted as requiring intervention to increase their reading age or comprehension skills will be placed on different Intervention schemes throughout the year. Reading ages are reported on every Interim Progress report. Parents will be informed before any Intervention is put into action. Parents will be informed before any Intervention is put into action.

Learning Support Assistants

Currently at the Academy we have ten Learning Support Assistants (LSA). They are all Subject Specialists and support in lessons within that department and across the academy. Initially LSA’s provide support for the students with Education, Heath and Care Plans (EHCP’s) but also support within whole classes. They provide support where support is required.

Specialist Teaching Service Support

Mrs Monsorratt attends the Academy on a fortnighly basis to assess students for Literacy, Numeracy and Specific Learning Difficulties. She completes the assessment and then makes recommendations and advice to support the student both at the Academy and home.


Multi Cultural Services

Mrs. Serres works with students who have English as an Additional Language. She offers 1:2:1 sessions to improve comprehension skills and language techniques. She attends the Academy for three days per week.

Inclusion Learner Support Passport

All students who access Inclusion will have an Inclusion Learner Support Passport to ensure all staff are aware of their individual needs and to ensure progress is being made. Students and parents will be part of the progress to set the targets and monitor progress. Parents are invited to our termly SEN Open Progress days and the annual Parent Consultation Evening between parents/students and Head of Inclusion or a relevant member of the Inclusion Department.

Medical Students

Students who for medical reason are not allowed to participate in Physical Education lessons will be based in the Inclusion area for these periods. They will be allowed to work on homework/coursework or be provided with additional skills work.

Inclusion 2

Inclusion 2 is a provision for 10-12 students within the Academy that focuses on supporting students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties in particular anxiety along with students who need a personalised timetable due to their medical needs. Every student follows an individual teaching programme dependent on their need. Students can be full time or part time and will access the main body of the Academy for some lessons. Students follow a programme of study focusing on skills such as literacy, numeracy, enterprise, teamwork and communication. KS4 students will follow examination courses delivered within Inclusion 2.

Thrive provision

Thrive is a provision that is offered for a small cohort of students to support their Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs in particular ensuring the students who may struggle to remain in the classroom for the whole academy day. Students have a bespoke timetable and have individual targets to support them to remain on track and focused within the mainstream lessons.

Inclusion Mentors

This service is offered to those students who require support with social, emotional and mental health concerns. Mrs. Potter and Miss Hall are trained in supporting students by delivering 1:2:1 mentoring sessions. They also run programmes for students to assist with anger management, bereavement and self-esteem. The mentors work alongside parents to offer a support and advice.

Inclusion Officers

At Nunthorpe we have two part time Inclusion Officers who work with the Head of Houses to offer support to students, parents and our local community. The role of the officer is to investigate any incidents that maybe affecting our students such as internet use concerns, friendship concerns etc.

Educational Psychologist

The Academy employs their own Educational Psychologist who will assess students and offer recommendations to the Academy to assist in the student’s progress.

Academy Nurse

The School Nursing service attends the Academy on a Tuesday and offers a drop in session for students afterschool. She also takes referrals from parents and will complete home visits if required.

Alternative Provisions

The academy uses several Alternative Provisions to support students needs and progress. These are arranged on an individual basis.