The Life faculty at Nunthorpe Academy is committed to ensuring all students are equipped with accurate and up to date information to allow them to make well informed realistic decisions both now and in the future.

The students enjoy and learn through a variety of activities which encourage skill development such as problem solving and teamwork.

Life Department

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Our Whole Academy approach to PHSE

Click here to download our whole academy approach to PHSE.

Primary Transition

Year 6 will complete a unit of work on transition, moving from Primary to Secondary, which will encourage the building of skills needed such as resilience.

Key stage 3

During key stage 3 students will cover a wide variety of topics as recommended by the Department for Education such as Bullying, Relationships, Puberty, Rights and Responsibilities, Contraception and Risky behaviour to name just a few. As part of their Year 7 work the students will also complete a First Aid certificate.

Scheme of Work

The scheme of work which will be used at KS3 can be found here.

Key stage 4

In addition to following a programme of study rich in Social, Moral , Spiritual and Cultural issues, that encompasses Citizenship and British Values, Key stage 4 students will have the opportunity to complete a qualification in Financial Awareness through the London Institute of Banking and Finance University (LIBF). The qualification will raise awareness of the importance of Saving money and making wise spending choices.

During Year 10 students will be required to complete a Work Experience Programme which will result in the students having a work placement for the duration of a week to gain valuable skills in an adult environment.

Scheme of Work

The scheme of work which will be used at KS4 can be found here.