The Languages Faculty has six specialist language teachers. Our aim is to give a feeling of enjoyment and success using a variety of languages. We have 4 teaching rooms and a set of 20 laptops which are available to all students.

The main languages in the curriculum are French and German. Students also have the opportunity to take up Spanish at Key Stage 4. We aim to introduce students to other ways of life within Europe and across the world and to develop imaginative as well as creative talents through drama, cross-curricular projects and song. In Year 10 students can currently opt for French, German and Spanish languages to GCSE.

In the Sixth Form A level courses are available in French, Spanish and German and are popular options, not only for future students of languages in Higher Education but, increasingly, for those wanting a language to enhance their career prospects in other fields.

Modern Foreign Languages Department

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Year 6 Transition

Y6 students will start their studies in either French or German with a series of lessons developing their knowledge of the target language countries and cultures.

Key stage 3

We offer two languages at Key Stage 3 and aim to challenge students and prepare them for GCSE courses with assessments that develop the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). In Year 7, 8 and 9 students receive 2 lessons of Modern Foreign languages a week.

Scheme of Work

The scheme of work which will be used at KS3 can be found here.

Key stage 4

Modern Foreign Languages are an optional subject at Key Stage 4 but we anticipate that students aiming to enter Higher education will choose to study a language at GCSE level. We currently offer German, French and Spanish at Key Stage 4. Students continue to develop grammar from KS3 in French and German and the main themes of the course are identity and culture; local, national and global area of interests; and current and future study and employment. Students taking up Spanish at Key Stage 4 start from scratch and quickly access the language needed to complete the GCSE course. Each skill (listening, speaking, reading and writing) is worth 25%.

Grade Descriptors

The grade descriptors which will be used at KS3 and KS4 can be found here.

Scheme of Work

The scheme of work which will be used at KS4 can be found here.

Key stage 5

Key stage 5 students follow the AQA A level course. Examples of AS Topics arechanging families, contemporary music and cinema. Students will also study a film or a book in the first year of Alevel. Examples of A2 studies are politics, views on crime and punishments as well as an independent research project which is chosen by the student. Additionally, students study a book in the target language.

Scheme of Work

The scheme of work which will be used at KS5 can be found here.