Invincible House is a fantastic team of people where students and staff work hard together in maintaining high standards across the academy. Throughout the house area there is a superb atmosphere of staff and students working positively and productively. During form time there are lots of different activities going on such as watching News Round and discussing topics that are happening around the world at this moment in time, community builders which help students build confidence when working in a group, and competing in games such as Countdown to help build literacy and numeracy skills.


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House Charity Work

Invincible House are renowned for their outstanding behaviour and punctuality as well as raising the most money for charity. Invincible House have supported the Leonard Cheshire Trust, Great North Air Ambulance and have recently raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent, achieving nearly £5000. For this academic year we have decided to change the house charity again to ‘Breathing Matters’. We have a student within the house who suffers from a breathing disorder and the students and staff wish to support him by raising money for this charity, which he chose himself. Already, the students have stepped up to this challenge fantastically. Hannah Roberts has taken part in a bungee jump, jumping off the Transporter bridge which she has raised £500. Also, twenty students took part in a 22 mile walk from Saltburn to Whitby, taking over 8 hours to complete this challenge. To date we have raised a £1000 for this event, taking our current sponsorship to £1500.


Also, the students in Invincible House have supported the Samaritan’s shoe box appeal. This is basically buying presents such as teddies, toothbrush’s, toothpaste, toy cars etc. These presents are wrapped into a shoe box and then sent to Romania for children who have very little. Invincible House managed to make 115 shoe boxes, which is a huge achievement.

How can you help?

If you would like to support in any of our house charities please get in touch We would appreciate your support. Thank you.

House Bulletins

You can view the latest house bulletin containing all the latest information and news about Invincible house here: Invincible House Bulletins.