Welcome to Triumph House! Our slogan is “Remember to TRI your hardest and put some UMPH into it!”. This combined with our vision of “Back to basics!” really sums up what Triumph is about. We expect our staff and students to give 100% effort, in everything they do at the academy and support them by making sure we do the simple things that can affect their success very well. Therefore we will ensure that your child is fully equipped, punctual, displays outstanding behaviour for learning and enjoys their time in our academy until they leave us at the age of 18.

We have a wonderful team of tutors and support staff who all work together to ensure that our house is, as we believe, the best in the academy. Students will be involved in a number of activities throughout the week such as, Newsround & quizzes (to increase their knowledge of current affairs), community builders which build the familial ethos within the form and the house and will take part in some fantastic discussions on very wide ranging topics or themes.

Our standards are very high, but we also believe that we offer high levels of support for members of our house. All of our perfects and some selected year 11’s students act as mentors for some of our younger students, to help them overcome various issues they might be facing in the academy. We also run a very successful KS4 mentoring scheme led by Mr Coleman (Senior Pastoral Manager) and we have begun a similar scheme for KS3 students led by Mrs Davidson (Assistant Pastoral Manager), which has begun this year. This has and will continue to ensure that all students within our house leave our academy with the results and social skills required to be successful in whatever field they choose to move onto.

We know that your child will be very successful whilst they are part of the Triumph family and please feel free to contact their tutor, Mr Coleman, or Mrs Davidson at anytime if you have any questions or require support, regardless of how important they may or may not seem.


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House charity work

We are proud to support our House charity which is Zoe’s Place. Triumph has a proud record of being the best fundraisers within the academy. Over the last 5 years we have donated over £15,000 to Zoe’s Place. We have completed many activities and will be asking you to support your child, later this year when we complete a sponsored walk to Roseberry Topping and we will be taking part in other fundraising activities throughout the year.

Students have partaken in academy organised events such as bag packs and sponsored walks; walking from the academy to Roseberry Topping, as well as their own activities sponsored silences, dog walks, car washing etc.

How can you help?

Reducing the day-to-day stresses of Academy life by ensuring that your child is equipped, dressed appropriately (including PE), are punctual and aim for 100% attendance for the year. If you can support us on these crucial areas, we will do the rest. If you’re uncertain of what is required for any of the areas mentioned above, then a full summary of requirements and policies are on the website. Or alternatively, please email the relevant tutor.

We really take pride in the work we do and we instill this in Triumph House students, having charity assemblies, sharing the good work people have done and have even taken several groups to Zoe’s Place in Normanby so they can see first hand what their hard work is going towards.

The challenge for 2018 begins now and we always try to beat the previous years total!!

House Bulletins

You can view the latest house bulletin containing all the latest information and news about Triumph house here: Triumph House Bulletins.