Welcome to Valiant House! Our slogan is ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Valiant’, this is what we aspire all our students to be. The definition of Valiant is ‘Possessing or showing courage or determination’, Oxford Dictionary, 2016. With the support of fellow students and staff we hope that all Valiant students demonstrate this determination to achieve well at Nunthorpe. We aim as a house to have a safe, supportive, meaningful atmosphere where staff and students put in 100% effort and enjoy their time here.

We believe that we are a big family within the academy. The students within the house are involved in activities, inter form competitions, community builder’s assemblies and discuss SMSC topics. We have an amazing team of form tutors, prefects and students who strive to improve the house through ‘Valiant Voice’’, Prefect duties, Junior Prefects and School Council. We also have a fantastic team of Year 11 mentors who support younger students within the house to help them feel that they belong no matter what they may be going through.

We hope that your child will be successful whilst they are part of the Valiant House and as a parent/carer please contact your child’s form tutor, Senior Pastoral Manager Mrs Shackleton or Assistant Pastoral Manager Mr Harrison if you require any support / information.


Mr Gary 310561 ext.1027
Mr Damian 310561 ext.1027
Mr Paul 310561 ext.1034
Mrs Sue 310561 ext.1027
Mrs Rachel 310561 ext.1062
Mrs Maria 310561 ext.1059
Miss Amy 310561 ext.1080
Miss Amelia O' 310561 ext.1034
Mr James 310561 ext.1046
Mr Andrew Pendlington 310561 ext.1080
Mrs Victoria 310561 ext.1073
Mr Adam 310561 ext.1055
Ms Vicky 310561 ext.1028
Mr Ryan 310561 ext.1065
Mr Jonathan 310561 ext.1027


Mrs Diane 310561 ext.1062
Mrs Sarah 310561 ext.1027
Mrs Linda 310561 ext.1069
Ms Michelle 310561 ext.1069

Message from the House Captains

“Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Valiant!” is our house motto, encouraged by the prefect team, tutors and pastoral leaders. We, as a house, are devoted to creating a family-like atmosphere which is enforced particularly through our prefect team. I (Verity, House Captain) along with Jalal and Kate are Vice House Captains and the prefect team are here to complete standard checks, duties, mentoring, charity & community work and much more. We hope to be middle layer of support for all students. If a student has any concerns, feeling upset or just wants someone to talk to then we are able to speak to them as a peer and then seek advice to support the student. We are also here to support students academically.

As a prefect we do duties before school, during break and lunch and this is a great opportunity for students to approach us and we can offer support. As well as duties and mentoring we also support inter-form competitions, charity work and the shoebox appeal.

House Prefects

Prefect Name Tutor Group
Verity (House Captain) LAMW
Jalal (Vice House Captain) LPHB
Kate (Vice House Captain) LVT
Megan LVP
Meghan LRT
Lauren LDMB
Charlotte LRH
Harry LGB
Charlotte D. LJP
Gabrielle LJEC
Daniel LAP

How can you help?

As parents and staff we try to have an open relationship with all our parents and carers. We feel that a supportive unit between school and home will ensure your child achieves to the best of their ability, may it be academically, psychologically or socially. So as parents we hope that you will keep those ways of communication open for form tutors, teacher and the Pastoral team.

Valiant house also try to aspire our students to achieve their dreams, if you are a professional person and feel that a student or a small group of students would benefit from a careers talk or tour then please get in touch (contact details can be found in the column on the right at the top). We are trying to get the students to look at the world of work and dream big!

House Bulletin and Newsletters

You can view our current house bulletins on our resources page here: Valiant House Bulletins | Nunthorpe Academy