Welcome to Victory House! Our slogan is “Be Devoted; Be Victorious; Be successful”. We really do see ourselves as one big, happy family – staff and students are proud to be part of our House and do their best to make everyone feel welcome, supported and safe.

In our first House assembly of the year, we talked about what “Be Devoted; Be Victorious; Be successful” means to us. This is what we agreed to try:

BIGGER contributions to charity events, the shoebox appeal and to our local community.
BRIGHTER life chances for everyone, by developing the skills and qualities needed in the real world, as well as gaining the best qualifications possible.
BETTER standards, behaviour, attendance and punctuality.

Student leadership is at the heart of everything we do in Victory. We have an amazing team of prefects, led by our House and Vice Captains. They are so proactive in our House, helping to improve standards, lead activities, take part in assemblies and contributing to charity events. As well as prefects, we have peer and behaviour mentors, who work with students needing a little bit of support – we all know that sometimes students would rather speak to each other than to a teacher! The mentors are all trained in peer counselling skills so that we know both mentors and mentees can make the most of this opportunity.

Within forms, students of all ages get involved in leading activities, mentoring each other, supporting new students, preparing assemblies and taking part in fundraising.

We like to think we are the best House, but then every House would say the same!


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Message from House Captains

Welcome to Victory from James and Sas, the House Captains!

We are really proud to be in Victory and to have been given the opportunity to play more of a role in developing our House to be the best it can possibly be.

The prefects have many roles within the Academy and the House. We all do duties before school, break and at lunchtime, helping staff to make sure that the public areas of the building are calm and orderly. We are also the public face of the Academy during parents’ evenings and other whole school events such as Welcome to Nunthorpe.

During morning registration, we try to help the team of tutors to keep the House running as smoothly as possible. We are available to deliver messages, check standards, help with running activities or to support younger students who may be struggling with transition, organisation or getting lost! At all times, we aim to be as friendly and approachable as we can be, because we know how important it is for students to feel they can trust us and speak to us when they need to. It’s really helpful sometimes for students to be able to talk to another student if they have a problem; however lovely our staff team are, it can be quite intimidating talking to your head of house or pastoral manager, so we can support students with that if they need it.

Fundraising is a big part of what we do in our House, and the prefects all love to get hands on and get involved with charity events. Our biggest event is the shoebox appeal – Victory leads the whole Academy collection of shoeboxes, and we normally pack around 200 in our House, as well as checking the 400 that come in from other Houses! If you can help us with our shoebox appeal, we would love to hear from you! Last year, we also took on the challenge of raising funds for Clic Sargent, to show our support for a Y8 student who is being treated for leukaemia. This year, we want to raise over £1000 for them, so watch this space for how you can help!

We hope you can see from this just how proud we are of our House, our Academy and everything we do here. Our main aim is to make everyone feel just as happy and welcome here as we do!


Prefect Name Tutor Group
James (House Captain) VNR
Sas (House Captain) VJI
Amy (Vice House Captain) VASM
Maisie (Vice House Captain) VDP
Qassam VSK
Jack VJW
Amanda VCSC
Amelia VRP
Erica VSK
Chloe VTID

We are so proud of our prefects and everything they achieve for the House; they are amazing! Without them, our House would be a very different place because they are so proactive, supportive and enthusiastic about everything they do.

Prefects are appointed around Easter of Year 10. When we look for prefects, we are not always looking for “perfect” students; we are looking for anyone who is responsible enough, committed enough and has great ideas on how to move the House forward. Sometimes, students who have had their own issues in their first years at Nunthorpe and have come through those problems make great prefects, especially as a role model for others who might be struggling right now.

If any of you are thinking of applying to be a prefect in the future, start thinking about what you can do now to make yourself stand out: get involved in fundraising, lead an activity in your form or offer to mentor a younger student.

How can you help?

Our annual shoebox appeal is a huge part Victory’s ethos and something we are really proud of. This year we are working with a new charity called Children in Distress; they are based in Guisborough and deliver shoeboxes to the poorest children in Romania and the Balkans. Their motto is “Cure… sometimes; Help… often; Care… always” which we like to think is what we stand for too. We can take shoebox items from you all year round, but our main push is from September to November.

The Children in Distress appeal collects shoeboxes for children aged 0-16, and also for elderly people.

Items of interest which we collect all year round:
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, flannels / sponges, soap, hairbrushes / combs, small toys / games, pens / pencils etc, paper / colouring books, coloured pencils / crayons / felt tips, teddies, dolls, hats / scarves / gloves, hair accessories, make-up items. No liquids, war-themed items or books please.

We also urgently need empty shoeboxes as we no longer have access to the flat-packed one. If you would like to wrap them and send them in wrapped, we would be immensely grateful, as this is very time consuming!

If you have any comments, concerns or questions about anything to do with Victory, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance. They will be happy to help if they can

House Bulletin and Newsletters

You can view our current house bulletins on our resources page here: Victory House Bulletins | Nunthorpe Academy