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Promoting Excellent Attendance

Promoting excellent attendance to ensure that your child makes every minute of every lesson of everyday count

Attending school has a huge impact on your child’s academic success starting from reception all the way through to Year 11 and into the 6th form. Families play a vital role in making sure that their children get to school safely, regularly and on time. Here are some useful tips to help you.

Always make school a priority

  • Never make doctor, dentist or optician appointment during school time unless this is absolutely necessary.
  • If you do need to make an appointment in school time try to ensure that your child misses as little of school as possible.
  • We know that travel companies don’t make it easy for families, but never book a holiday during term time (it won’t be authorised, your child will fall behind in their studies and you may be fined).
  • Don’t allow your child to stay off school to make things easier for yourself – this is against the law.
  • Don’t allow your child to miss school on Mondays and Fridays if you are going away for the weekend.
  • Don’t allow your child to take a day off because of the weather.
  • Don’t allow your child to take a day off for their birthday – this is completely unacceptable.

Help your child to stay on track

  • Find out if your child is coping with their work and if they are up to date – missing school will make them fall behind.
  • Check your child’s attendance with school, you might not realise how much school they have missed.
  • Encourage your child to stay back after school to attend intervention, booster sessions and extra lessons whenever they are offered.
  • If your child forgets their home learning, PE kit, stationery etc. or is not in correct uniform, it will cause problems for them at school – please help your child to organise themselves.

Missing school will make your child fall behind in lessons and will impact on their academic progress and achievement.

100%No days absent from school
95%10 days absence from school – 50 lessons missed
90%20 days absence from school – 100 lessons missed
85%30 days absence from school – 150 lessons missed
80%40 days absence from school – 200 lessons missed

Excellent Attendance is your key to success

National Statistics state that:

  • 73% of pupils with attendance of 95% or higher achieve at least 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above
  • Only 35% of pupils with attendance of between 80-90% manage to achieve 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above
  • Research shows that pupils with 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above earn on average £350,000 more in their lifetime than those without the grades
  • Excellent attendance at school = 96% and above


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