Nunthorpe Sixth Form is a thriving, vibrant place with plenty of opportunities on offer. It isn’t just about academic studying, we also help all students gain the life skills and experiences needed to survive in the 21st century. Please see information on the range of activities on offer.

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Mrs Hermione Jackson (Head of Sixth Form)

Mr Sean Chuhan (Assistant Head of Sixth Form)

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Sixth Form Pastoral Programme

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Student Council

As a student at Nunthorpe Sixth Form, I have experienced the support and care provided which coincides with our message of togetherness and community. The inclusivity of the sixth form is one that allows students to feel valued and appreciated. Our slogan: ‘Moving Beyond Outstanding’ is clearly highlighted through the relationships that are established here, helping us succeed.

At Nunthorpe Sixth Form, students are offered the opportunity to study a range of different A-Level and BTEC courses. Personally, I have felt that the transition between studying GCSEs to A-Levels was made manageable through the approach towards teaching. Although A-Level studies have greater workloads, the ‘jump’ is managed due to the initial transitional period where the importance is on the learning environment. This transition is facilitated by the Sixth Form’s induction days, held in the July after Year 11, and also the supportive pastoral system which allows there to be a direct point of contact for every student whenever necessary.

It is true that Nunthorpe Sixth Form is academically driven, but the range of extra-curricular activities available to students provides a break from studies while also opportunities to socialise. The ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality is experienced at Nunthorpe Sixth Form. Activities can include basketball, badminton, chess, and many more. If you are passionate about something then it is probable that you will be allowed to use one of your independent study periods to continue this passion with friends. For example, I began a debating group which allows us to discuss fascinating issues every week. The idea behind enrichment is that it will add value to the lives of students while also helping to develop transferable skills for the future.

Another area where we pride ourselves is through our provision of careers education. We have a dedicated careers mentor who informs us of any opportunities that are accessible to us, while also supporting us in making decisions for the future. Careers education is very important for the Sixth Form, as students in Year 12 have the opportunity to complete a one-week work experience placement as well as mock interviews with an employer to prepare us for life beyond Post – 18. As an established Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on the strong ties with not only local establishments such as James Cook University Hospital but also employers and universities across the country.

The student council at Nunthorpe Sixth Form provides a voice for students and also expresses the extent of student involvement. Our student council meet regularly to organise charity events and discuss improvements for the student community. The student council brings a sense of representation and fun to the whole Sixth Form through events such as the Christmas Party and Children in Need along with exciting activities to take part in.

I hope this has given you a slight insight into a student’s life at Nunthorpe Sixth Form and we hope to see you soon.

Sriganesh M.
Year 13 Student Ambassador

Student Perspectives

The Sixth Form has given me many opportunities in regards to my future teaching career – I am an Academy Support Mentor and also participate in conferences for the National Women’s Leadership in Education initiative because of the Sixth Form.
The Sixth Form has a great network of support and you always feel as if you have someone to talk to if needed. Also, there is a wide range of resources that you can use, to make the most out of your studies.
The Sixth Form has thoroughly prepared me for life in further education and beyond. The outstanding support of the staff is truly invaluable in your education.
After coming to the Sixth Form from an external school, I’ve settled in really well and have found the staff and students to be so welcoming and supportive. The opportunities I have been offered, from engineering projects to university trips, have massively improved my chances of getting into university.
The Sixth Form is a great environment to work in, with ongoing support and advice from staff for your future prospects. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you will have a great experience.
The Sixth Form is a friendly and calm environment, that is full of motivational and enthusiastic teachers, who will help you get to where you want to be.