A record number of students applied to become part of Nunthorpe Sixth Form College’s Student Ambassador Scheme this year.

An amazing thirty-six students have put themselves forward to support with promoting the College and in providing help and guidance to prospective pupils. The student ambassador scheme was established in 2012 and it shows how students, not only feel proud to be part of Nunthorpe Sixth Form, but want to actively encourage other pupils to become part of the Nunthorpe Sixth Form experience.

“I applied to become a Student Ambassador because I felt I really wanted to give something back to the College. I enjoyed College so much and I wanted to encourage more pupils to come here,” said Emma Boland, a former pupil of Nunthorpe Sixth Form.

Feedback shows that the Student Ambassadors have a hugely positive impact on pupils and parents, helping them to make positive choices and to choose a Sixth Form that is suitable to them.
Taking on the role provides Ambassadors with an opportunity to enhance their communication, interpersonal and organisational skills as well as boosting their confidence; attributes that are increasingly vital for successful university applications.

This year we are also continuing to work collaboratively with Teesside University on a Leadership Development course helping to develop and extend our Ambassadors leadership and management skills.
If you would like to know more about the work of the Student Ambassadors, please contact Mr Sean Chuhan at schuhan@nunthorpe.co.uk

Job Descriptions

Do you want to become a Nunthorpe Sixth Form Ambassador?
See below for a generic job description and individual responsibilities. In your role as ambassadors you will be required to:

Student Ambassadors

  • Attend meetings each term with Assistant Head of 6th Form;
  • Attend meetings with other ambassadors as needed;
  • Organise or assist other ambassadors in organising events, charity events, sporting events, school performances, concerts and teaching and learning activities;
  • Be present at Open evenings;
  • Be present at the induction for new Year 12s;
  • Be confident at speaking to peers and staff;
  • Have the ability to work in a team;
  • Have a creative and enthusiastic approach to your role;
  • Be able to generate new ideas to further improve the sixth form.

As well as the above, subject ambassadors will be responsible for the promotion of their subject to the lower school. Subject ambassadors will need to spend time helping represent subject departments in lower school or other Sixth Form lessons. Subject ambassadors must be confident and clear when speaking about their subject and their enthusiasm must be evident. Both attendance and achievement in their subject must be extremely good.

Ideal for: Students with a true passion for their subject and who wish to take this subject further to University or to a career

And finally…

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic students who enjoy what they do at sixth form or can see ways of making things better. Ambassadors need to be friendly and polite and have a welcoming manner. You will be provided with a t-shirt and given any information that you might need to undertake the role. If you would like to apply, please send an email to scoe@nunthorpe.co.uk with a brief outline of why you would like to be an ambassador, what you feel you could contribute and how you would hope to benefit from the experience.