Learning Agreement

Please see the resource for the learning agreement: Sixth Form – Learning Agreement | Nunthorpe Academy

Attendance and Punctuality

Students are expected to attend sixth form between 8.30am and 3.00pm – end of period 5, every day as a bare minimum. The daily tutorial period is a compulsory element of attending sixth form and students follow a programme designed to support individuals through one to one mentoring, study skills, current affairs, presentation and social skills, UCAS, Apprenticeship and Employment applications, topical debate and outreach work with outside agencies, to name a few. All opportunities are designed to create a rounded individual prepared for their next step after life at the sixth form.

If students do not attend they will be marked absent and this will affect their overall attendance. Their attendance figure will be reported in any reference written by the sixth form staff and will obviously be vital in these highly competitive times whether applying for work, training or university. Students with attendance below 90% will be asked to pay for their exams and may not be entered for exams. (Extenuating circumstances can be discussed with H Jackson).

In real terms any student whose attendance is at 90% equates to 2.5 periods (out of the 5 per week per subject) per week missed. Over a year, 90% is the equivalent of 3.6 weeks missed.


  • Authorised absence – An absence which has been reported eg illness, doctor’s appointment, an approved holiday in exceptional circumstances.
  • Unauthorised absence – Any period of absence which has not been accounted for or approved.

Both of the above absences will affect the overall attendance grade of your son or daughter and will be taken into account when making exam entries and assessing student progress. There are clear links to poor attendance affecting the overall grades attained by students.

Only present marks will count as being present, anything else affects this overall percentage.


Any absence from the sixth form due to illness must be phoned in to the Academy Attendance Officer before 8.30 am on 01642 310561.

Leave of absence requests must be made on the appropriate ‘Request for Absence Form’, which can be obtained from student reception, but must be returned to the Head of Sixth Form for authorisation. Returning the form is not an automatic agreement for the absence; this must be approved before any leave is taken. Holidays in term time must be avoided due to the level of content delivered within the programme of study for level 3.

Students needing to leave the site for any legitimate reason, which has been approved by their Form Tutor and/or Head of Sixth Form, must sign out on the sixth form laptop, and sign back in on return. Driving lessons must not be arranged during sixth form hours. Medical appointments should be made outside of sixth form hours where possible, failing this a phone call or medical appointment card should be shown to the Sixth Form Administrator before signing out.

Lesson and Independent Learning Commitment

Each L3 course has 5 hours of lesson commitment and a minimum of 5 additional hours independent study, comprising of set homework, reading, research, practice questions, etc. Students are expected to attend all lessons on time and complete all work set. Failure to complete work set could result in students being excluded from the lesson until the work is caught up at the discretion of the teacher.

Independent Study (IS) Periods

All students are expected to stay on site for Independent Study (IS) periods to support their learning. A quiet study area is provided within the Learning Resource Centre on the first floor of the sixth form, Student Group Rooms are available, for silent study, for certain timetabled sessions (timetables on all SGR doors), in addition to the Common Room on the ground floor. Therefore environments to suit all learners are provided in addition to research facilities and ICT equipment. Students are also encouraged to bring in their own laptops, i-pads, etc to assist in their learning, which can access the sixth form internet and ‘My Document’ areas of the Nunthorpe network.

Home Study (2 hours)

The only exception to the IS rule is for Year 13 students who have a proven track record of successful independent study, which has been formally agreed by their Form Tutor. All aspects in this ‘Standards Document’ are taken into consideration when assessing the application from a student for home study for 2 hours per week.

Data Capture

Assessment data is reported three times a year. Students will receive a score of 1-4 (1 being the highest) for Quality of Classwork, Quality of Homework, Meeting Deadlines and Effort along with a current working grade, a teacher predicted grade and an end of Y13 target grade (generated from KS4 results). Tutors will have a follow up one to one with each student to discuss targets and progress made. If there are any concerns these will be raised initially with the student and subject teacher, if resolution cannot be found and no progress is made then contact home will follow. All parents are however encouraged to make contact with teachers directly if/when any issues arise so that they can be dealt with immediately. Emails for all staff can be found on the Nunthorpe Academy website.

Exam Entries

Entries will be made in accordance with students meeting the criteria stated in this document and professional judgement on behalf of the staff and students of the sixth form by Hermione Jackson, Head of Sixth Form.

If these requirements are not fulfilled then costs for exam entries will be passed onto the students and parents/carers. These cases are thankfully rare, and once the student has attended the examination(s) and gained their target grade(s), we do reimburse parents the cost of the exam entries. Our intention in these cases is to ensure that we have the full support from parents for the examinations their child will undertake.

Approximate costs for 201*-20 exam entries for:

  • AS examinations are approximately £50.00.
  • A Level examinations are approximately £100.00.

Exact examination costs can be found here: