The 16-19 Bursary is to enable all students to maximise their academic potential without the financial concerns of providing for educational expenses.

This policy stipulates the criteria for eligibility for both the statutory (Priority 1) and discretionary (Priority 2) bursaries available at Nunthorpe Sixth Form.

All applications must be made using the Bursary application form and will be considered on an individual basis.

If a student’s / household’s personal circumstances change during the academic year an update must be given and a new application form completed. Applications can be submitted for consideration at any point during the academic year. Applications will need to be made for each academic year that the student is enrolled at Nunthorpe Sixth Form.

The Bursary criteria will be reviewed on an annual basis and will be subject to changes reflecting EFA guidance.

Statutory Priority 1

This policy follows statutory guidance for the provision for young people, meeting the criteria of the following identified groups:

  • In care or care leavers;
  • In receipt of income support (to be phased out until 2017);
  • In receipt of Disability Living Allowance (to be phased out until October 2018);
  • Universal Credit (to be phased in until 2017);
  • Personal Independence Payments (to be phased in until October 2018).

These students will receive £1,200 as allocated by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and administered by Nunthorpe Sixth Form. Students will be required to have a Bursary card completed for each lesson, by their teacher to prove attendance, punctuality and appropriate attitude to learning, to qualify for their weekly bursary of £30.00 (£30.00 x 40 weeks). This payment will be paid directly into the students’ bank account. Failure to meet the stipulated criteria will result in non payment for that particular week only.

Discretionary Priority 2

Academy Governors have agreed the following criteria and allocation, for discretionary bursaries to support a wider group of students, through their learning at Nunthorpe Sixth Form.

Discretionary financial support will be available to students whose total household income falls below £16,200. These students will be provided with a materials starter pack, to support each of their courses, in their initial set up.
Students will be encouraged to apply for local authority free school meals. Students will also have an opportunity to apply for hardship funding to support learning for items such as texts, visits, CRBs, passports, travel expenses etc, up to a value of £200 per academic year, which would be ordered/arranged through Nunthorpe Sixth Form admin. No cash alternative is available.

Hardship Fund

In addition to the above any student experiencing short term financial hardship can request one off assistance through the Hardship Fund. This can be accessed through their Subject Teacher/Tutor/Head of Sixth Form who would complete the Hardship Fund request form on their behalf.

If students are requesting items which are not study related, ie clothes, footwear, etc, a price for these items will be agreed with the student, prior to purchase. Students can then use the hardship fund monies for whole or part payment of the item. Receipts must be provided for any items purchased before hardship money is released, only in exceptional circumstances will money be released first, without receipts.

This must be approved by the Head of Sixth Form before being submitted to finance.

The application form for the 16 – 19 Bursary can be found here: 16-19 Bursary Fund Application | Nunthorpe Academy