Nunthorpe Academy believes that supporting students both academically and pastorally is paramount to students’ emotional health and well being. We offer numerous strategies and support services both within the Academy and via outside agencies.

The Pastoral system ensures that all students have their form tutor as their daily contact for any concerns. Each house is lead by a full time Senior Pastoral Manager and supported by a full time Assistant Pastoral Manager who oversees the students’ wellbeing.

The Inclusion Department works across the whole academy to support students needs both for academic progress and for emotional support. The academy has 10 Learning support assistants who work within classes and also provide interventions to support progress.

Nunthorpe employ their own trained Counsellor (Mrs Potter) and also a Behavioural Specialist (Miss Hall) who will work with students and parents on a 1:2:1 basis.

Nunthorpe works very closely with several specialist agencies who we can refer to on an individual needs basis.

  • The Junction – Emotional Health and Well Being Service;
  • The Link – Emotional Health and Well Being Service;
  • CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service;
  • Harbour – Domestic Violence Support;
  • Forget Me Knott – Bereavement Service;
  • Platform – Youth Drugs Support Service;
  • ADACTION – Youth Drugs Support;
  • Educational Psychologist Services;
  • Specialist Teaching Service – (Literacy, Numeracy, Social & Communication Service);
  • Alternative Education Providers.

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