Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour, often repeated over a period of time, where it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves.

The four main types of bullying are:

  • Physical – Pushing, hitting, kicking or any use of violence;
  • Verbal – Name-calling, sarcasm, racist and homophobic remarks;
  • Indirect – Spreading rumours, tormenting, excluding someone from social group;
  • Online / Cyberbullying – the use of mobile telephones, emails, chat rooms, instant messaging.

Procedures for reporting

Any student who feels that they are being bullied or witnesses bullying should report this to their tutor or other member of staff of their choice – if they are scared to tell a teacher or an adult on their own, they should ask a friend to go with them – tell their family and ask them to tell their teacher.

Nunthorpe has a confidential email address to report any type of bullying: anti-bullying@nunthorpe.co.uk

Advice and support

Nunthorpe students are provided with accessible sources of advice and support. A student who feels they are being bullied or has witnessed bullying may approach any member of staff, who will be sympathetic and ensure that the matter is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Heads of House, Pastoral Managers and Form Tutors can provide advice, reassurance and support to any student who has been subject to bullying and help in restoring self-esteem and confidence – if necessary Heads of House or Pastoral Managers can arrange counselling for victims of bullying or indeed the bullies.

Students who have bullied will be helped by discussing what happened – discovering why the student became involved – establishing the wrongdoing and need to change – informing parents or carers to help change the attitude of the student.

The following disciplinary steps can be taken:

  • Official warnings to cease offending;
  • Detention;
  • Exclusion from certain areas of academy premises;
  • Isolation 1;
  • Fixed-term internal exclusion;
  • Fixed-term external exclusion;

Further information about anti-bullying, and support can be found via the links below: